ATB Listens: Resonate

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This may look like a slick music video for an up-and-coming artist, but there’s a twist. It’s part of a new branding campaign from Alberta banking institution ATB Financial. And boy, do I ever enjoy this song “Resonate” and it’s accompanying video ever so much. It speaks to me as an Albertan, as a Calgarian, and the common experiences we share in this lovely province. “Resonate” is described as an “Alberta version of Amazing Grace” which I find quite fitting with it’s wistful tones, sweet singing voice and melancholy feelings of home. The video plays off the song’s themes with engaging and delightful scenes in and around Alberta. My favourite parts are the different types of “waves” that are depicted from the rolling hills of the prairies, to the rhythm of the battle exercise ropes, to the swing of a fisherman’s pole.  The song is written by Ben Spencer and sung by Alex Vissia.

Check out the video and if this song doesn’t make you feel proud to be Albertan, I don’t know what will. Now, I’m not endorsing nor do I bank at ATB Financial. But as a marketing professional, I can appreciate the quality and customer service that they are trying to convey through the music. Their campaign is about showing how they are a different bank from the others that listens to their customers. Well, I have to admit, they got my attention. I sure am listening 🙂

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