Taylor Swift Remixed: Transit & Kirstyn Johnson

Last Updated on July 2, 2018 by Irene Seto

I have a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift. I was a huge fan in her early days when she was still singing about “Tim McGraw”, but quickly fell out of love when her pompous air seemed to take over post-VMAs. I blamed Kanye West for boosting her undeserved fame (honestly, who would have remembered her if he had just let her finish her speech!) But as the years have passed, I have come back full circle to appreciate how well young Taylor has played the social game and make some pretty darn catchy music along the way.

But it seems that my feelings for T-Swift are nothing in comparison to local hip-hop emcee Transit. In collaboration with singer Kirstyn Johnson and guitarist Chris Fawcett, the trio set out to do a hip-hop remix of Taylor’s latest single, “Blank Space.” The choice of song may seem odd until you listen to Transit’s rhymes.

He flips Taylor’s usual MO of singing about an ex-boyfriend to rap about an ex-girlfriend that didn’t treat him well. This girl always made him listen to Taylor Swift when they were dating. The girl is bad news, treating her guy like crap during and after the relationship. His rhymes aren’t so much mean, but eloquent, and really the ultimate burn to the ex who treated him so poorly. Taylor Swift could learn a thing or two about how to write a song about an ex from Transit. Kirstyn’s vocals are a great complement to the song as well. I’m digging this version so much, I’ve probably accounted for half the views on this Youtube clip.

Check it out for yourself and you will see that there is a way to enjoy Taylor Swift (again).

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