Why Mint?

There are so many things to love about mint. It’s a refreshing flavour on a hot summer’s day. It’s fresh, pristine and makes you want to rise to a new level. It’s the perfect colour of my beloved bicycle.

Why Heritage?

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. My heritage makes me who I am.

Put it together and what do you get? All the things that make up the wonderful and quirky ways of Irene Seto.  Come join me on my new adventure.

Welcome to


Mint & Heritage is a lifestyle blog featuring all the things that inspire me, pique my interest and what I think you should know about. It’s girly, it’s fun, it’s pretty, and it’s positive. I’ve always been a big advocate for my hometown Calgary and will continue to share the local experiences, foods and people that I love and enjoy. Mixed in will be a variety of travel adventures, professional motivation and personal inspiration. Like Beyonce says, girls run this world and I want to do my part to help my fellow ladies build and grow their lives to the fullest.  #LetsLeadLadies.


The Archives of Cool Top 100 Calgary social media influencers – Thanks to Kait Kucy for including me on her list

Jay Palter’s Top 200 Calgary social media influencers –  My Twitter profile @heyseto cracked this list at #134!

2014 Wordcamp Calgary conference panelist speaker – Generating Success from your WordPress site, How To Get Exposure In a Crowded Online Market.

2016 Next Big Thing conference panelist speaker – So You Want to Be an Influencer