Ollia Macarons: Get hand’s-on with the Macaron 101 Baking Class
A peek inside one of the sweetest baking classes in Calgary

Oh my Ollia! If you love macarons, then you have likely stopped by Mount Royal Village to stock up at Ollia Macarons and Tea. This cute little shop offers a wide variety of macaron flavours along with loose leaf tea beverages and other local Calgary goods.

Box of macarons from Macarons 101 baking class.
Making my own macarons!

What is the difference between a macaron versus macaroon?

First off, what exactly is a macaron? A classic French macaron is a meringue-based pastry dessert. They look like little hamburgers (or tiny sandwiches like my nephew calls them) in a sweet form. The outer shells are crunchy, but View this Post

5 ways to use leftover bread

Use leftover bread (Custom)

How to use up leftover bread

A while back, I watched a documentary all about food waste. It showcased the crazy amounts of food that gets thrown away regularly from the grocery store and in our homes. It really got me thinking about how I deal with the food in my own cupboards and fridge. Vegetables become moldy; yogurt goes expired. We’ve all been guilty of it – letting perfectly good food go to waste! But one of the handy tips this doc mentioned was to make use of the freezer to preserve and lengthen the lifespan of eats View this Post

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Bake like the pros at Crave Cupcakes

I’m not the biggest sweet tooth but when I do get a chance to pick a dessert, I go for Crave Cupcakes! This premier bakery is known for it’s signature namesake: the cupcake of course. Last month, I visited the store’s newly revamped Kensington location and got behind-the-scenes inside the kitchen. The ladies of Crave have the baking process down to a ‘t’ and that includes the delicious buttercream frosting that their cupcakes are known for. Watch how quickly and easily owner Laura puts the icing on these cupcakes:

I took a shot at icing my own Crave cupcake as View this Post

A Royal Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Palliser

A royal afternoon tea at the Fairmont

Afternoon tea is a deliciously decadent way to spend your midday. It’s a truly tasty afternoon treat to experience the finger sandwiches, the scones, and the desserts paired with a quality loose leaf tea. The Fairmont Palliser is home to one of the most popular high teas View this Post

Partake in Fairmont Palliser’s Downton Abbey afternoon tea
The iconic hotel pays ode to the British prestige series in fitting fashion

Tray of afternoon tea food at Hawthorn Dining Room

Fairmont Palliser and afternoon tea go hand-in-hand as Calgarians have come to know the pairing. With the two being so synonymous, how could afternoon tea become even more charming? By adding a dash of Downton Abbey to the high tea experience!

This new afternoon tea series is held in the newly renovated Hawthorn Dining Room inside the Fairmont Palliser. With the newly released Downton Abbey movie in theatres, Hawthorn is bringing the Downton experience to fans through a customized menu to honor the show.

Afternoon tea at Fairmont Palliser, Downton Abbey-style

Afternoon tea at Fairmont Palliser

Enjoying tea in front of a cozy fire.

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12 creative and unusual sushi combos at Goro + Gun

Goro + Gun is the perfect place to go if you are a sushi lover like me. When that craving hits, I need a few different kinds of sushi rolls and nigiri. I always want to fill up on a spicy tuna roll, some octopus takoyaki, throw in some salmon sashimi and maybe a specialty dish or two like some unagi or a sushi cone. But never have I ever been so sushi spoiled than at Goro + Gun’s Omakase sushi experience.

Omakase is a dining experience where the chef chooses your dishes for you. And you’re in good View this Post

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