“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, it’s all the same day.”

– Janis Joplin

- Monday Motivation: Be like Janis Joplin -

How to help support local Calgary restaurants survive the pandemic

Support Calgary restaurants by ordering takeout like Noble Pie Pizza
Supporting Calgary restaurants is as easy as takeout. Featured is the Noble Pie “Sweet Cheesus”.

Now’s the time to support Calgary restaurants!

Food is the fabric of our society both fulfilling a basic physical need and as a social connector to gather friends and family. What better way to get to know others than breaking bread together? 

Going out to eat is such a normal part of life, and was a major part of mine. My whole existence was about trying out new foods and restaurants to document on Instagram for y’all. Sadly, normal still hasn’t returned yet. But I View this Post

Where to get hot chocolate bombs in Calgary
A fun way to enjoy a classic hot chocolate and marshmallows

Hot chocolate bombs are the hottest confection treat to hit our Instagram feeds in 2020. The delicious cocoa treats are delicious fun. If you haven’t seen what it is, check out the video below:

Are you hooked? There are many Calgary bakeries View this Post

What an Open Top Touring ride in Banff is like
Take in the fresh mountain air in these open roof vehicles

Open Top Touring stops at viewpoint in Banff
Checking out the new Open Top Touring in Banff

Cruise the mountains in style with Open Top Touring

Open Top Touring is the newest excursion to hit Banff National Park and you’ve probably never seen anything like it! You’ll get to drive around in style in their vintage-inspired open roof automobiles. Soak in all that mountain air, pine scent and warm sun along the way!  

This throwback experience takes you on a scenic drive through Banff to learn about the history, landmarks and sights that you may not already know about. Even though I have been to Banff View this Post

Where to buy stylish and reusable face masks in Calgary
Stay safe with these fabric face masks made by Calgary designers and businesses

Fabric face masks in Calgary

Looking for face masks in Calgary? Wearing a face mask is the cool thing to do these days! Covering up your face while out in public spaces and crowded places is one of the vital ways to help battle this pandemic (remember to keep washing your hands and use hand sanitizer too!). It also shows that you are helping the community and protecting others by doffing a face covering.  

Buying a fabric face mask in Calgary is also great because you’re helping to minimize your environmental impact and create less waste compared to disposable View this Post

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary provides a safe haven for wolfdogs

Wolfdog behind fence at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary
A beautiful wolfdog at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary.

Just a short drive outside of Calgary, you will find the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. It’s the only facility of its kind in Canada for a very unique animal. It oversees the rescue and safe sanctuary of wolfdogs that have been neglected, abandoned, or otherwise displaced.

What is a wolfdog?

A wolfdog is exactly as it sounds – it’s when a wolf and a dog is bred together to create a new mixed breed. These animals are intentionally bred as part of the exotic wild pet trade. If visions of Tiger King View this Post

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