Patrick Lehman brings his eclectic soul sound to Calgary

The upcoming 2016 Junos Awards will be a weekend of many firsts for Patrick Lehman. It will be the first time the soul singer makes it out to Western Canada to visit Calgary. It will be his first chance to perform at a Juno week showcase and attend the awards show. And most importantly, he’s up for his very first Juno nomination for Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year. I chat with the Montreal native about his new album, Butchy’s Son, and what he hopes to get out of this Junos weekend in Calgary.

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2016 Juno Awards Nominees playlist

2016 Juno Awards

Oh Songza, how I miss thee. Your successor Google Play Music is adequate enough I suppose, but I still miss your stick figure icons and simpler ways. One thing that I am loving is the playlist for this year’s 2016 Juno Awards nominees. The awards will be broadcast right here in Calgary on Sunday, April 3 and yours truly will be on hand to take in all the festivities. Squee!

In the meantime, I am brushing up on all my Canadiana jams by listening to this playlist non-stop. It has tunes from everyone from Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, View this Post

MBF’s “I Wanna Make It With You”

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is one of my favourite local artists. His latest single, “I wanna make it with you,” is an upbeat pop rock ditty that makes me yearn for summer and the open road. But alas, it is still winter in Calgary so I’ll just have to play this song on repeat. MBF’s newest album drops on March 11 so there will be even more songs to look forward to!

“Wild Things” Alessia Cara

Damn, this girl can sing. Alessia Cara is making her way up the ranks of the Billboard 100 these days and she’s on the cusp of greatness. You may not know her name yet, but you have probably heard her song “Here,” all over top 40 radio the past few months. The Canadian singer just recently sang with Taylor Swift and named one of CBC Music’s 25 under 25 to watch. Her next single “Wild Things” is what has me really excited as this is exactly the kind of jam that makes me enjoy music so much. So come View this Post

Twangy Jam: Coleman Hell “2 Heads”

Is it folk music? Is it rock? Dance? EDM? To be honest, I don’t really care as Coleman Hell’s “2 Heads” is just damn good. The genre-bending song mixed with Hell’s soulful vocals just makes for a twangy jam that will get your boots tapping and head nodding. Plus banjos! Yes, the banjos totally win me over anytime.

Canadiana Jam: Mo Kenney “Telephones”

I just want to say thank you to Joel Plaskett. Without the indie rocker’s help, the world would never have been introduced to the wonderful singer/songwriter Mo Kenney. One of my favourite jams these days is the lead single off Mo’s second album In My Dreams. “Telephones” is a melodic, catchy tune with the best song lyric ever: “If I had another lover could I keep you on the side.” Take a listen and enjoy.

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