Cubicle decor: chic tips for decorating your desk
Cheap and professional ways to decorate your cubicle at work

Working in a cubicle can still be chic and professional.

How to decorate your office or cubicle at work

Cubicle decor is dull no more! For a lot of us, living the cubicle life is just a part of our everyday experience. It’s a part of mine and I often find myself feeling a bit like a Dilbert comic strip in my confined square office space. Being in such a grey, drab environment is not how I prefer to spend 8 hours of my day so I have taken it about myself to turn my work space into my home View this Post

Palette Archives brings interior design to the masses

Get Palette Archives delivered right to your home

We all dream of having an HGTV-worthy kitchen or a Martha Stewart-inspired office but while our imaginations might be expansive, our wallets may not be. Enter Palette Archives, an affordable online interior design service from Calgary designer Amanda Hamilton. Touting “palettes for the people,” the new ecommerce platform is providing accessible and cost-effective design options for those who aren’t able to afford a professional interior designer.

So how does it work? Palette Archives puts together a wide variety of themed palettes to fit the décor style you are seeking. Inside each box, View this Post

Tips to make beautiful folded book art + free templates
Book folding art ideas to spruce up your home decor or make lovely gifts

Book folding art for the word 'love'

Repurpose hardcover books into this beautiful book folding art

Isn’t this the coolest folded book art you have ever seen? I saw this style of folded book at a store one day and thought, “I can make that myself!” After a few months of procrastination, some Googling and a couple misadventures in book folding, I’ve learned some best practices to fold words onto the pages to make the most lovely folded book art.

These folded books make for great gifts for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and a lovely addition to any home or office. Follow my beginner book folding View this Post

How to build a beautiful gallery wall

Irene Seto Gallery Wall dress

Build your own beautiful gallery wall.

So I’ve talked all about the reasons why you need to have a gallery wall in your home. You’ve thought about it a little bit, done some research, looked at the blank space on your wall and have finally committed. You’re hanging own up your own beautiful photo gallery wall.

Building your own gallery wall can be quite the process. Putting together my wall took me about 6 months from beginning to end. But you can get it done as slowly or as quickly, as big or as small as you need – View this Post

Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips with Papyrus

Papyrus holiday Christmas gift wrap (Custom)

Beautiful Papyrus gift wrapping goodies – keep on reading and these babies may just become yours!

I always find shopping for Christmas presents to be such fun, but gift wrapping to be such a chore!  It’s probably because I never have the right supplies and I get a little too impatient with all the taping, folding and cutting. That’s where the lovely folks at Papyrus come in with some handy gift wrapping hacks to help you get your presents under control. This shop is one of my favourite places to pick up paper craft supplies with their endless bounty of View this Post

Repurpose and upcycle your iPhone box

Before and after decorating old Apple boxes to make something new.

Don’t recycle all those old boxes, upcycle them instead!

Repurposing items is often forgotten about when it’s so easy to go out and buy everything new these days. But I love the feeling of accomplishment and ingenuity when I can figure out a way to repurpose and upcycle. It’s a great way to reuse items, make them beautiful again, and give them a better purpose in life. Consumer packaging comes in some really sturdy and functional boxes that are actually as good as anything you could buy in the View this Post

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