Reel Time: Just Eat It – A Food Waste Story

My boyfriend and I have taken to watching food documentaries of late – which has made me lose my taste for food in some ways but has spurred my appetite to learn more about the industries that get our meals from farm to fork. There are plenty of docs that look at the nutritional aspects of food which are quite interesting and unsettling. But one food film that really got my attention looks at all the food that gets wasted from the farm, to the grocery store, to the dinner table. Growing up in a household where I was always View this Post

CUFF 48 Hour Movie Making Challenge: Badlands

Over the weekend of April 3rd, 24 teams set out on a movie-making adventure to create a short film in only 48 hours. The fun and games was all part of the annual Calgary Underground Film Festival. All teams had to submit their movie by the end of the filming weekend where they were locked up in a vault until they made their premiere this past week at the CUFF film festival. This year’s winner comes from Spencer Estabrooks‘ Team Overlord with the campy fun of Badlands. Congrats to the winning  team!

Bye-bye Target Canada

Oh Tar-jay. We hardly got to know ye. I will miss your cute housewares and inexplicably empty store shelves.

These five (former) Target Canada employees took it upon themselves to host a last call by filming a fitting rendition of Semisonic’s “Closing Time” while wheeling around their barren workplace. Hopefully these guys can find a new gig hosting karaoke night at the local pub. I’ll even buy them a pint.

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