“When the whole world is silent,
even one voice becomes powerful”

– Malala Yousafzai

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Calgary breweries and distilleries making hand sanitizer
Find out where to pick up some Calgary craft hand sanitizer

These are some truly difficult times we are facing.  But some local Calgary breweries and distilleries are pivoting their business models to flex their expertise and help out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of making alcohol for drinking, these Calgary businesses are making alcohol-based hand sanitizer, one of the most-sought after COVID-19 items.

Remember, washing your hands with soap and not touching your face are still necessary to follow. But having some hand sanitizer on hand for grocery store runs and other outings will surely give some peace of mind too. Supporting local businesses and local causes is more important View this Post

5 ways to use leftover bread

Use leftover bread (Custom)

How to use up leftover bread

A while back, I watched a documentary all about food waste. It showcased the crazy amounts of food that gets thrown away regularly from the grocery store and in our homes. It really got me thinking about how I deal with the food in my own cupboards and fridge. Vegetables become moldy; yogurt goes expired. We’ve all been guilty of it – letting perfectly good food go to waste! But one of the handy tips this doc mentioned was to make use of the freezer to preserve and lengthen the lifespan of eats View this Post

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Bake like the pros at Crave Cupcakes

I’m not the biggest sweet tooth but when I do get a chance to pick a dessert, I go for Crave Cupcakes! This premier bakery is known for it’s signature namesake: the cupcake of course. Last month, I visited the store’s newly revamped Kensington location and got behind-the-scenes inside the kitchen. The ladies of Crave have the baking process down to a ‘t’ and that includes the delicious buttercream frosting that their cupcakes are known for. Watch how quickly and easily owner Laura puts the icing on these cupcakes:

I took a shot at icing my own Crave cupcake as View this Post

Follow my Lead: Maria Dina Galura
Meet this leading creative artist that is brightening up Calgary with her balloon installations

Maria Dina Galura is the woman behind the beautiful balloon art
you see floating around Calgary.
Photo by Philip David.

Maria Dina Galura

You have probably seen one of Maria Galura’s many balloon arches, garlands and displays all around town. Now get to know the woman behind Calgary Party 50 and all the Calgary balloon décor.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

You can call me Maria. My family calls me Dina. My husband and I migrated to Calgary in 2011 from the Philippines. We started our family in Canada; our three girls make life so sweet.

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Inside Calgary’s historic Anderson Estates
A peek inside one of the city's oldest residential buildings

Anderson Estates in Calgary

Anderson Estates is one of Calgary’s rare historic properties that has retained much of its original charm and vintage structure. Located at 808 18 Avenue S.W, the residential complex is an old throwback to pre-war era living that has rarely survived in Calgary’s limited stock of heritage buildings.

Unique architecture and design of Anderson Estates

You’ll find this beautiful Calgary heritage building one block over from the Shoppers Drugs Mart on 17th Avenue. You can see the distinct red brick building from a number of different directions. However, you don’t really get to fully appreciate View this Post