Where to buy stylish and reusable face masks in Calgary

Fabric face masks in Calgary

Looking for face masks in Calgary? Wearing a face mask is the cool thing to do these days! Covering up your face while out in public spaces and crowded places is one of the vital ways to help battle this pandemic (remember to keep washing your hands and use hand sanitizer too!). It also shows that you are helping the community and protecting others by doffing a face covering.  

Buying a fabric face mask in Calgary is also great because you’re helping to minimize your environmental impact and create less waste compared to disposable masks. Reusable fabric masks are great as you can wash and rewear many times.

Update: Mandatory face masks are now required in indoor public spaces in Calgary as of August 1st, 2020. Make sure to stock up on your Calgary masks now.

Support local and buy a face mask from one of these local Calgary businesses (and look good at the same time too).

Where to buy reusable face masks in Calgary

Photo via Moonstone Creation Instagram

Calgary Face Masks: Moonstone Creation

This lovely Inglewood shop is home to some of the best Indigenous artwork and creations you will find in Calgary – including fabric face masks! Moonstone Creation has simple solid-colored options as well as more vibrant and colorful patterns as well. Stock is limited so stop by their shop or purchase a fabric mask online for $20.

Ashabi Wears face masks in Calgary
Photo via Ashabi Wears Instagram

Calgary Face Masks: Ashabi Wears

If you’re looking for functional and fashion in your face mask, Ashabi Wears has you covered. Designer Olufunke Olotu uses a 100% organic bamboo fabric in all her designs. As a result, this makes her fabric face masks hypoallergenic and super soft – your face will appreciate it! The Ashabi brand also includes a “touch of heritage” in the subtle African colors and patterns used in their products.

These Calgary face masks are available in an affordable two-pack for $15.99 at the Ashabi Wears website.

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Flying Circus Shop face masks
Photo via Flying Circus Shop Instagram

Calgary Face Masks: Flying Circus Shop

Face masks for the whole family! The Flying Circus shop makes face masks in all kinds of whimsical patterns. For example, you can get masks with donuts, florals, roller skates, hot dogs, Star Wars and more! Also add custom embroidery to your mask for an additional $2.  This is helpful if you want to put your kid’s names on them or personalize for gifts for friends and family. Adults and kids sizes are available in most patterns.

Masks are $10 and up depending on sizing, fabric and customizations. Check out all the fun options at the Flying Circus Etsy Shop.

Whiteout Workshop face masks
Photo via Whiteout Workshop Instagram

Calgary Face Masks: Whiteout Workshop

Whiteout Workshop makes beautiful silk screen apparel and now they make face masks too! The face masks come in plenty of options for your personal preferences. For example:

  • pleated or shaped face masks
  • adults and kids sizes
  • elastic ear loops or tie-backs
  • tons of beautiful patterns to choose from

Masks are sewn to order and carefully handcrafted by designer Natasha Paterson in her Calgary studio. Order your face mask online at the Whiteout Workshop website.

Riyoko face masks
Photo via Riyoko Instagram

Calgary Face Masks: Riyoko

For years, designer Kristi Woo has made travel and cycling-oriented clothing for Calgarians. But for the pandemic, Riyoko is pivoting their business to include cloth face masks as well. These face masks are made of organic cotton and also come with your first filter.

These face masks use longer elastic that fits around the head and neck with a cordlock for tightening. However, you can also modify yourself by cutting the elastic so you can turn into ear loops instead. In addition, free curbside pickup is available if you want to stop by their shop at C-Space to pick up your masks.

Riyoko is making the face masks in different production batches (currently on production #7!). So order quickly and check the Riyoko website for the latest shopping links (see the face mask banner at top of page).

Alberta Apparel face masks
Photo via Alberta Apparel Instagram

Calgary Face Masks: Alberta Apparel

These simple face masks from Alberta Apparel are as comfortable as the rest of their lifestyle gear. This shop is super local with all their garments cut and sewn right here in Canada with an entire Alberta-based team.

The face masks come in bulk quantities of six or ten (which is handy so you’ll always have extras when others are dirty). A copper wire helps ensure it fits to your nose properly. Additionally, tie-back strings allow these masks to fit to any user’s face size and shape comfortably.

Alberta Apparel face masks are sold at cost. Most important: free shipping is available on all mask orders. Order yours online at the AA website.

For more resources on how to properly wear and use your non-medical face masks, please see Alberta Health Services for more details.

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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