Love for the black-haired girls

Black-haired girl in top-knot

Black hair, don’t care.

Show some love for the black-haired girls in your life

You got your brunettes. You got your redheads. Blondes apparently have the most fun. But what about all us black haired beauties out there?

I’ve always wondered why black-haired girls don’t get their own name grouping. It’s the kind of odd question you come up with as a child but there never seemed to be a good answer. This seemingly random question came to mind for me when I came across Vancouver clothier BRUNETTE the Label. Their cheeky clothes pay homage to the hair labels View this Post

Birthday Cheer

It seems the older you get, the more anti-climatic your birthday is every year. For me, last year’s Las Vegas birthday extravaganza was so amazing that settling firmly into my thirties now is just not quite as enjoyable. But what does keep things special? All the amazing friends and family sending me birthday cheer on this gloomy Calgary Sunday. The best is this adorable voice message left by my sister and her two little ones. I might play this on repeat all day. Yay for birthdays, no matter how old you get.


Reflections and Gratitude

Thank You heart

I started this website back in May and now it’s already the end of 2015! Where did the time go? How are we so close to 2016 already? It’s been a truly amazing year learning to find a new blogging voice, making new connections and finding such a great readership for Mint & Heritage. I’m super blessed to be able to express my thoughts and creativity online for all you great peeps to read. Thanks so much for following along, giving me feedback and making it so much fun to blog for you. I want to bring even more stories, View this Post

I am in love with this Calgary wedding video

I’m a sucker for wedding videos and this is no exception. Jazz and Dan Lawson got married last year and made the best. wedding. video. ever.

No, I don’t know who this couple is and it’s probably a little creepy of me to be watching them with all their friends and family on their special day. But this wedding video just makes me so damn happy. I want to be best friends with them and go on double dates to 17th Ave and we would have the grandest night out. Am I creepy now? Oops.

The clip takes us through View this Post

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