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Love for the black-haired girls

Black-haired girl in top-knot
Black hair, don’t care.

Show some love for the black-haired girls in your life

You got your brunettes. You got your redheads. Blondes apparently have the most fun. But what about all us black haired beauties out there?

I’ve always wondered why black-haired girls don’t get their own name grouping. It’s the kind of odd question you come up with as a child but there never seemed to be a good answer. This seemingly random question came to mind for me when I came across Vancouver clothier BRUNETTE the Label. Their cheeky clothes pay homage to the hair labels that people self-identify with – except, of course, for us black-haired ladies (where’s my hair color sweatshirt!?!).

A quick Google Search shows that there are a few descriptions and identifiers that could work like jet-black hair, midnight hair or raven-haired. A twist on a French name “noirette” could potentially come close. Some dictionaries go as far to include black hair in the brunette definition – but the general consensus is that it’s really for the brown-haired girls only. Perhaps black hair is just so straightforward that no name was ever needed.

There are many ways that people can feel like they don’t fit in and I realize hair color is a pretty trivial one to worry about. These days hair can be changed at the drop of a hat with a drugstore kit or a visit to the salon. However, as a young girl growing up with dark strands amid a sea of lighter-haired friends, hair color was just another thing that could make you unique when you didn’t want to be. It takes time and confidence to learn that being different is alright and to embrace the features that make you stand out. So my dark tresses don’t have a name and that’s ok. I’ll just make my own black haired girl sweatshirt to celebrate myself.

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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  • Glorife Simon

    You know, me too. I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a name for black haired beauties like us, but there actually is. It’s just not as mainstream as the others. I’ve heard, “raven” be used to describe girls with black hair. “She’s a raven-haired beauty with eyes shaped like almonds.”

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