10 burgers to try during Alberta Burger Fest 2016

Last Updated on May 11, 2016 by Irene Seto

Grey Eagle Casino Alberta Burger Fest

104 restaurants. 10 days. All the beef patties you can stuff in your face. Welcome to Alberta Burger Fest 2016! The 4th annual festival will be kicking off this weekend starting May 6th running all the way through to May 15th. In the grand tradition of weeklong food battles, Calgary chefs are bringing out the big beef for their burger concoctions this week. You’ll find anything and everything topped on these hamburgers from tuna to French fries to fried onions. And let’s not forget the buns – sesame seeds, brioche-style, pretzel tops. The options are endless! With so many choices at play, here are 10 burgers to get your taste buds salivating.  And if you’re looking for a burger adventure, come join me on one of the Burger Bus tours to really get your fix. Happy burger eating!

**BONUS burger**

I just visited Naina’s Kitchen and was blown away by their Burger Fest entry. Berries in a burger don’t seem like an obvious ingredient but paired with tons of Cayenne candied bacon makes it for a sweet with heat dish. So creative, innovative and delicious!


Grilled albacore tuna burger, ginger glaze, jalapeño & apple chutney, yuzu aioli, peppery greens.

Grilled albacore tuna burger, ginger glaze, jalapeño & apple chutney, yuzu aioli, peppery greens. Photo via @catchcalgary IG.

Catch & the Oyster Bar

A seafood burger! A switch in protein makes this burger an interesting find. Plus Catch uses Oceanwise fish which means you’ll be eat sustainably-caught seafood.


The Living Room

Is that a brisket on top of my burger? For the meatiest of meat lovers.


Jane bond bbq Alberta burger fest

Photo via @janebondbbq IG.

Jane Bond BBQ

How high can you go on a burger? Pretty damn high. Cornbread for the win!


Notable Calgary

Open wide for this monster of a burger. Noted.


Grey Eagle Casino

Eat hearty on the range with this Chinook Bison burger!


Roosevelt Alberta Burger Fest

Photo via @roosevelt933 IG.


A burger smothered in cheese and bacon is after my own heart. #love


Native Tongues

A simple and elegant take on the hamburger.


The Derrick

An elevated and bigger outlook on the classic burger.


Modern Steak

Three different kinds of meat all blended into one delicious burger. Your welcome.


Diner Deluxe Alberta Burger Week

Surf & turf burger. Photo via @diner_deluxe IG.

Diner Deluxe

I’m always game for a sunny-side up egg on anything, especially this burger! Brown butter and shallot poached lobster tail, grilled brisket and sirloin burger with a sunny side farm fresh egg.

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