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12 creative and unusual sushi combos at Goro + Gun

Goro + Gun is the perfect place to go if you are a sushi lover like me. When that craving hits, I need a few different kinds of sushi rolls and nigiri. I always want to fill up on a spicy tuna roll, some octopus takoyaki, throw in some salmon sashimi and maybe a specialty dish or two like some unagi or a sushi cone. But never have I ever been so sushi spoiled than at Goro + Gun’s Omakase sushi experience.

Omakase is a dining experience where the chef chooses your dishes for you. And you’re in good hands at Goro + Gun with head chef Tomo Mitsuno who has previously worked for many years at a Michelin starred restaurant in Osaka, Japan and certified in the safe preparation of deadly blowfish (fugu). The restaurant offers a 12 piece sushi session (+ dessert) and you can tack on a sake flight as well. The entire evening brings you up close and personal with Chef Tomo as he hand creates some of the most delicious sushi dishes right in front of you. If you’re looking for something off the menu, then check out these 12 creative and unusual sushi options:

Goro + Gun Sashimi-style scallop with yuzu juice and zest

Scallop sushi at Goro and Gun
Hotate (sashimi-style scallop), sea salt konbu, yuzu juice and zest

I love fresh scallops but eating them raw was a whole new experience. I found it quite tasty because of the additional yuzu juice and zest that was added on. Yuzu is a type of Japanese orange that isn’t usually found in Calgary grocery stores, but I really wish they would carry them. The yuzu adds a refreshing citrus flavour that works great on sushi.

Tsubasu fish with jalapeno salsa

Tubasu, sea salt, konbu, jalapeno salsa

What looks like your traditional nigiri has been given an extra kick with Goro + Gun’s homemade jalapeno salsa. Just the right amount of heat and spice on this sushi.

Box style sushi – ebi and saba

Unique box sushi at Goro and Gun
Ebi (shrimp), shitake, sesame seed, unagi sauce (left piece)   Saba (sardine), soy, oba leaf, garlic chip (right piece)

This sushi is exactly what it looks like – a box! Using a special wooden box, the sushi pieces are pressed into these rectangular shapes. The rice is extra compacted which makes for very dense bites. I was a big fan of the shrimp and mushroom combo.

Goro + Gun Aburi toro with garlic chip

Aburi toro (tuna), sea salt, oroshi ponzu, garlic chip

A crispy garlic chip is placed on top of this tuna slice. Sooo yummy. Bring some mints though.

Chinook salmon with roasted tomato and red onion

Sushi at Goro and Gun
Chinook salmon, sea salt, konbu, roasted tomato, red onion

It may look like two pieces of fish on top of each other, but that’s actually a piece of roasted tomato on top of the salmon. Who knew that tomato could be so tasty on sushi! Now I do.

Goro + Gun Sanma fish with ginger

Sanma fish, soy, green onion, ginger

The whole evening was done soy sauce free so we could really get the flavours of the fish and toppings to come through. This was one of the more traditional sushi of the evening with a little bit of soy sauce added on to to complement the ginger and green onion.

Goro + Gun Madai fish with monk fish liver

Madai fish, konbu, sea salt, oroshi ponzu, monk fish liver

Sometimes, I think its better to not know all the ingredients that you’re eating. Just eat this one – it’s just as yummy too.

Albacore tuna with soy marinade egg yolk

Albacore tuna, soy, soy marinade egg yolk, truffle oil, wonton chip

I love a good runny egg so this tuna with egg yolk on top brought the best of both worlds together for me.

Goro + Gun Blue fin tuna with yuzu pepper

Goro + Gun Blue fin tuna
Blue fin tuna, soy, yuzu pepper

Another sushi piece with heat! This time, the spiciness is courtesy of a Japanese yuzu pepper paste that the chefs turn into a nice little dollop to place on the fish.

Goro + Gun Unagi with brie cheese

Goro + Gun Unagi
Unagi, brie cheese, roasted tomato, unagi sauce, sansyo pepper

Apparently cheese goes well with everything, including sushi!

Aburi wagyu with karashi mustard

Goro + Gun Aburi wagyu
Aburi wagyu, soy, katsuo, karashi mustard

Real wagyu beef fresh from Japan. This Alberta girl loves her beef, especially on sushi.

If you love learning about where your food comes from and how it’s made, then the Omakase Sushi Experience at Goro + Gun is for you. It’s a fun way to get together with a group of friends and family for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Each Omakase experience is different as the restaurant will come up with new flavours and ingredients throughout the year. Packages start at $50 per person and can accommodate groups of two to ten. Learn more at

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