6 Weird Stampede Midway Foods to try in 2019
Frogs, edible flowers and dill pickles are just some of the Calgary Stampede foods that will surprise and delight.

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2019 Calgary Stampede midway foodsEat your way through the Calgary Stampede midway foods

Ready, set, eat! Get your appetites in gear for this year’s list of wild and weird Stampede midway foods! The 2019 selection of Stampede midway foods is bigger, better and more outrageous than ever. For those of you looking beyond mini donuts and onion blossoms, you’ll want to look at these quirky and different Stampede food options coming your way this year. Bonus – all items listed below come from local Calgary vendors!

Frog legs are one of the Stampede midway foods

Flaming Hot Cheetos Frog Legs – The Happy Fish

The French delicacy of frog legs is getting the Stampede treatment in 2019. These ribbits are seasoned and breaded with a mixture of cheetos crumbs and flour, deep fried, then coated in more hot cheetos.

Surprisingly, these frog legs are quite tender and juicy – it tastes almost like chicken! If you’re looking to shock some peeps with an unusual culinary dish, this might just do the trick.

Raspberry rose lemonade at the Calgary Stampede

Raspberry Rose Lemonade – Family Squeezed

Named after the beloved family pet, the “Emmy Rose” is a refreshing raspberry summer treat. Perfect for a hot sunny day on the Stampede midway, the Raspberry Rose Lemonade is topped with edible flowers making it both a tasty and beautiful drink to enjoy. If you like a sweeter rather than a tart lemonade than this berry concoction is perfect for you.

Pork dumplings with sweet and sour pork

Creamy Truffle Lobster Dumplings and Traditional Pork Dumplings  – The Dumpling Hero

This is the first time The Dumpling Hero is setting up on the Stampede midway, but it probably won’t be their last. This food truck is serving up dumplings a variety of ways. First up are their traditional panfried pork dumplings served up with sweet and sour pork. This dish is literally sooooo much pork and sooo filling.

Truffle lobster dumplings Stampede food

Their pièce de résistance though has to be the creamy truffle lobster dumplings served up with a lobster tail to boot. Using deep fried wrappers, the outside is more consistent with a wonton than a dumpling, but the creamy inside is oh so good. Seafood fans will relish finding such a unique treat in the middle of a crowded parking lot.

Dill pickle flavoured frozen ice pop

Dill Pickle Ice Pop – Family Freezed

This is exactly as it sounds – housemade pickles and pickle juice frozen into an ice pop. If you like salty, if you like dill, then you need this ice pop.

I prefer to eat my pickles, but I get the appeal. Cold and salty is not a typical combination so is a one-of-a-kind dessert you won’t find anywhere else.

Pizza 73 cherry bomb pizza

Cherry Bomb Pizza – Pizza 73

It’s the 10th year Pizza 73 is taking part in the Calgary Stampede so they are bringing out all the goods for 2019.

A honey garlic Sriracha base gives this pizza a lot of sweet and heat. Pepperoni, bacon, and maraschino round out the main toppings along with a dash of pop rocks. You’ll find a little crunch and fizzle going on in your mouth as you eat this truly bizarre pie. At $6 a slice, I can see Pizza 73 giving all the other outrageous foods a good run at an affordable value.

Cookie dough donut Calgary Stampede

Chocolate chip doughnut – Family Dough

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than this “Long John” donut classic. Filled with Family Dough’s classic chocolate chip cookie dough, this dessert sandwich will give you a sugar high all day long.


Which Calgary Stampede foods are you most interested in eating?


#hosted: Thanks to the Calgary Stampede for having me at their midway food preview event! 


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