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The snow has started falling in Calgary and we are just a handful of weeks away from Christmas! Where has the time gone?!? I’m feeling the pressure to get myself organized for my holiday shopping.

One place that I’ve been checking out lately is Neal’s Yard Remedies. It’s an English brand that focuses on organic natural health and beauty products. We’re super lucky here in #yyc as we are the only Canadian location to have access to Neal’s products right now. As I’ve been getting older, I’m finding that I need to put more effort into my daily skincare regimen and have been trying out new products that work well on my combination dry/oily yet sensitive skin (I know, my pores are needy). What I like about the Neal’s beauty products I have tried is that they are made of organic ingredients and have been gentle and soothing for my face. There are currently two stores in Calgary, one in Mission and the newly-opened shop in Southcentre Mall.

Needless to say, there are tons of different skin and beauty products that Neal’s has to offer. Here are 5 items you should check out:

Bee Lovely Neal's Yard remedies

Bee Lovely Body Butter

With the cold weather comes dry skin. Blech. My hands get really chapped and I can just see all the moisture seep out of my skin as the winter drags on. This rich body butter blends organic honey, orange essential oil and organic shea and cocoa butter to create a great moisturizer for soft skin. Bonus: it smells amazing.



Nourishing orange flower Neal's Yard remedies

Nourishing Orange Flower Toner

This toner helps to tone and refine dry skin. It’s made from neroli oil, an essential oil distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It’s among the most coveted of the citrus essential oils and was highly regarded by the ancient Egyptians for its healing properties.





Blackberry lipstick Neal's yard remediesBlackberry lipstick

I absolutely love this deep, dark color. The ingredients are also unexpected from your traditional cosmetics with antioxidant white tea, organic argan oil, pomegranate oil, shea butter, conditioning organic beeswax and organic sweet orange oil for lasting colour.




Organic essential oil Neal's yard remediesEssential Oils – take your pick

From cleansing to energizing to relaxing, Neal’s Yard Remedies carries an abundance of all types of essential oils including blends and a variety of herbs and spices.




Festive Fragrance Neal's Yard Remedies

Festive Fragrance Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray

It’s not all about the beauty products! Neal’s also carries a variety of teas, gift items and home products. The Festive Fragrance is a limited edition room spray filled with frankincense, clove, mandarin and cypress. I wish you could smell how awesome this spray is – oh wait you can! Check out my contest here to win your own Festive Fragrance!


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