Bake like the pros at Crave Cupcakes

I’m not the biggest sweet tooth but when I do get a chance to pick a dessert, I go for Crave Cupcakes! This premier bakery is known for it’s signature namesake: the cupcake of course. Last month, I visited the store’s newly revamped Kensington location and got behind-the-scenes inside the kitchen. The ladies of Crave have the baking process down to a ‘t’ and that includes the delicious buttercream frosting that their cupcakes are known for. Watch how quickly and easily owner Laura puts the icing on these cupcakes:

I took a shot at icing my own Crave cupcake as well. Check out the photos below – am I close? Well, the end result is not quite Crave-worthy, but still just as Cravealicious. It was super cool to try first-hand at recreating one of my favorite treats.

My attempt at icing a chocolate Crave cupcake with their famous buttercream frosting.
My attempt at icing a chocolate Crave cupcake with their famous buttercream frosting.

Crave Cupcakes baking classes

This experience was made possible with the recent renovations that have taken place at the iconic bakery’s Kensington location. After 10 years, the store has gotten a huge upgrade and now includes a community kitchen called the 7D Kitchen. Crave Cupcakes is now offering workshops for everything from cake decorating to holiday treats. You can find a list of the upcoming Crave classes here. Sign up early and you too can get icing and baking like the pros at Crave. Have fun!

Crave Cupcakes at home baking supplies, decorating kits and tutorials 

UPDATE: Since we are now quarantined for the long haul, many of us are doing a lot of baking at home! You can still get your Crave Cupcakes fix by ordering pickup and including some of their at home baking supplies too!

You can order their chocolate cake mix or red velvet cake  mix to make your very own Crave cupcakes. Crave is also offering up decorating kits that let you do all the icing fun (which is honestly the best part). No baking required – you’ll get a premade cake or cupcakes depending on the kit you choose. Video tutorials show you how to glam up your baked goods just like Crave. 

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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