The Cool Bathrooms of Calgary
You’ll definitely want to take a bathroom selfie in these local hot spots

Last Updated on September 10, 2019 by Irene Seto

Cool Calgary bathroom in Bridgette Bar

Checking out the cool bathrooms of Calgary.

I have a thing for beautiful bathrooms. There’s just something about a well-done bathroom that makes you feel like you’re getting a taste of luxury, a little escape from reality and just the chance to really enjoy your business, y’know what I mean?

Calgary is home to some fantastic design and architecture – and with that comes some very funky, chic, and hip bathrooms. If you’re looking for that place for the perfect selfie, then these bathrooms will really up your ‘gram. Here’s a look at some of the coolest bathrooms in the city:


Cool Calgary Bathroom #1: Bridgette Bar

Swoon! The bathroom at Bridgette Bar is nicer than my entire home (no lie). Beautiful teak furniture, woven textiles and bold patterns make this washroom a delight to be in. Even the brick wall façade adds to the cozy California style that Bridgette Bar is known for.

Full length mirror in Bridgette Bar

Bridgette Bar bathroom: Give your girl a giant floor-to-ceiling mirror and she will take full advantage.


Textile in Bridgette Bar bathroom

Teak furniture, lush textile wall hanging in Bridgette Bar bathroom


Cool Calgary Bathroom #2: Foreign Concept

Take a trip around southeast Asian depending on the bathroom stall you land in at Foreign Concept. These individual bathroom stalls feature different Asian cities like Seoul, Korea or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with sleek and modern amenities.

Bathroom at Foreign Concept

“Welcome to Seoul” 🙂


Cool Calgary Bathroom #3: Ricardo’s

Ricardo’s is probably the first bathroom I really took notice of because the designers took the time and effort to make this space just as funky as the rest of the restaurant. Feeding into the tropical setting, you’ll end up going bananas or flocking to the flamingos. Beautiful gold accents add to the sunny vibes in each room.

Flamingos wallpaper in Ricardo's bathroom

The ultimate in millenial pink. Photo credit: @_ashleeydawnxo


Tropical bananas in cool Calgary bathroom

Go bananas! Photo credit: @jax_oohkillem


Cool Calgary Bathroom #4: Taiko Canteen

If you’re looking for a place to groove, then you’ll find that in the bathrooms at Taiko Canteen. The entire restaurant is a lovefest for 90’s jams and you’ll find that adoration extends to the individual bathrooms as well.  You got your Notorious B.I.G., you got your Lauryn Hill (Fugees-era of course) or you could end up with Jay-Z. It wouldn’t be a cool Calgary bathroom without a neon light. It’s all good baby baby.

90's Notorious B.I.G. bathroom

Get grooving with Biggie at Taiko Canteen.


Cool Calgary bathroom Taiko Canteen

What’s your favourite bathroom in Calgary?


Cool Calgary Bathroom #5: Hawthorn Dining Room

Your girl loves a beautiful floral so this bathroom makes her so happy. The recently renovated Hawthorn Dining Room inside the Fairmont Palliser hotel has been given the decadent treatment and the bathrooms are no exception. I absolutely love the black background that makes the flowers burst to life in this beautiful bathroom.

Floral wallpaper in cool Calgary bathroom

Hawthorn Dining Room does elegance and beauty in its bathroom. Photo credit: @hawthorndiningroom


What’s your favourite bathroom in Calgary?

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