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Eat North brings local brands together for charity

Eat North tshirt
Check out this limited edition Eat North tee made by Camp Brand Goods.

What do you get when you mix a food website with a t-shirt clothier and a dash of high-fashion style? This awesome Eat North charity tee designed by Camp Brand Goods and sold on the brand-spankin’ new PARK online shop. There’s so much local goodness going on here!

The t-shirt is a custom-made design to celebrate Eat North’s upcoming Prairie Grid Dinner Series taking place in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg this fall. The series will feature a variety of culinary collaborations from plateware sets to Japanese steel-style chef knives to designer aprons. But Eat North founder Dan Clapson also wanted to include something philanthropic to the cause as well. He immediately thought of Camp Brand Goods to work with.

“I love the clothing lines they put out and how engrained they are within the community. Their rainbow t-shirt and sweatshirt to raise money for Camp FyreFly was something that really struck a cord with me,” Dan explains. “I remember seeing it on Instagram and going into the The Livery to buy it an hour later. That shirt inspired me to see if they could create something that resonated with the theme of my dinner series, but could also give back in some way.”

Dan’s friendship and professional relationship with PARK co-director Kara Chomistek then brought the Calgary fashion purveyor into the fold. “After I had sat down with Leslie and Connor Gould [from Camp] about creating a custom shirt for the Prairie Grid Dinner Series and the design was finalized, I knew PARKSHOP would be the perfect place for the shirt to be for sale,” he says.

The tee is just the thing for the prarie foodie featuring the provincial outline of all the locations taking part in the Prairie Grid Dinner Series. The limited edition shirt is available in grey-blue and forest green at the PARKSHOP retail location at Edmonton’s Londonderry Mall, online at or with a dinner ticket purchase for the Prairie Grid Dinner Series.

No matter which way you get it, $10 from the sale of each t-shirt will go to support four Prairie-based 2018 Winter Olympic hopefuls as well. “The Winter Olympics only roll around once every four years and —I’m sure this is no surprise— these athletes dedicate their lives, day and night, to train so they can compete on an internationally scale,” says Dan. “If an athlete hasn’t won a medal before, it can be really hard for the Olympian to get sponsorship to train and live day-to-day.” Each city will have an athlete recipient to represent each location. In Calgary, skeleton star Mimi Rahneva will be the beneficiary of the proceeds.

Help support the cause and pick up this Eat North tee while supplies last!


Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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