Irene Seto on SkillMill

Get your workout on at CrushCamp

CrushCamp in Calgary on 17th Avenue SW
Welcome to CrushCamp, home of Canada’s first studio for the revolutionary SkillMill.

There’s a new workout in town and they want to help you crush it this year.  The fun and energetic Crush Camp  on 17th Ave is changing up the HIIT game with the introduction of group training on the very cool SkillMill equipment (located at the former Surf Set fitness shop). With a new year and new fitness goals on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to try out a new workout.

So what is a SkillMill exactly? Well, it looks like a treadmill, but it is non-motorized meaning you will have to do the work to get it moving. When you stop, the belt stops. The SkillMill is also curved to help cushion your foot and reduce impact on your joints (which is a total win if you’re achy and creaky like I am). There’s a shift gear similar to what you find on a spin bike that lets you increase and decrease the resistance to challenge your workout.  With handle bars on the front and side you can give it a traditional jog or go all out like on a push sled to work all aspects of your core and booty.

Skillmills and benches line the CrushCamp studio.
Inside the CrushCamp studio.

CrushCamp offers a 55-minute high-intensity interval training class to get you moving both on and off the SkillMill. No two workouts are ever the same so you don’t have to worry about getting bored. It is a full body fitness experience that will get the calories burning. Later on in 2018, attendees can look forward to more types of workouts including a fundamentals class, circuit classes, small group training, TRX, and sport-specific training. What’s neat is that CrushCamp is the first studio in Canada to bring in the SkillMills so Calgarians will be the first to try them out.

I workout pretty regularly doing a mix of cardio and weights  so I was pretty stoked to try out a new group fitness class at CrushCamp and also give the SkillMills a spin for myself. The workout room is split between a row of SkillMills along the mirror and a line up of benches for floor work.  Tagging on and off with a partner, I found myself running like a madwoman through a series of sprint intervals on the SkillMill. I loved that I could control the intensity by changing up the resistance as needed and once you gave it a go for a few minutes, you got used to the SkillMill pretty quickly. During the floor sequences I found myself doing everything from arm rows to burpies to push-ups. When I said full body workout, I wasn’t kidding. The class was over before I knew it and I had that awesome post-workout burn.

Irene Seto on SkillMill
I hadn’t started the workout yet. Little did I know…

If you’re looking for a fun and balanced workout for 2018, CrushCamp is the place to be. Classes are available daily at a variety of times with drop-in fitness class rates and monthly pricing to choose from. Introductory pricing is now on so make sure to check the CrushCamp website for the latest offers. Go crush it!

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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