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Let’s Vote (young) Alberta!

Vote Alberta

I took to the advance polls earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised at the continuous hustle and hum going on at the election office. There was a steady flow of people coming in and out to place their advance ballots. But what wasn’t surprising was the demographics of the voters – definitely skewing 50+. Ever since I turned 18 and able to vote, I have consistently been the youngest person at the polling station. And it’s not because I look like I’m 12. I literally am the only person under 30 to show up and vote. Now why is that?

I get it, we’re all busy and voting doesn’t seem to affect our lives so why does it really matter? But that’s the thing – not voting does affect you. You see it when you pay your annual income taxes to the province. You see it when you’re waiting in the long line at the emergency room in the hospital. You see it at the fuel pump when you fill up your car. You see it at the camp site you visit at the provincial park. There are so many things that the Alberta government is supposed to do and does do for you that your decision as to who makes these decisions is super important. So whether you’re happy or dissatisfied with the government, it’s necessary to make your voice heard and vote on Election Day.

Elections Alberta newest ad campaign geared at getting young voters to the polls hits the nail on the head. Don’t let others decide for you. Decide for yourself and make your vote count.

New to voting? Here’s a resource to help you figure out what to do:

Don’t let your puppy get taken away. Go vote today!


Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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