Winnie Cooper makes math cool

Nobody likes to be pigeonholed into only one thing that defines them through the rest of their life. That’s why I love this video featuring actress Danica McKellar and how she has changed and evolved over time. The Wonder Years child star will forever be known as Winnie Cooper, the love interest of the earnest Kevin Arnold. Actors that find themselves in career-defining roles can have a difficult time shedding that character. And for the longest time, that’s what happened to Danica until she discovered her love of math. Yup, that’s right. Math!

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“It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself and the problems you face in life. Sense of humor can save you.”

– Margaret Cho


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#SharetheLoad in Laundry and Life

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I’m in the middle of reading Sheryl Sandberg’s corporate gamechanger, “Lean In” about women, work, and leadership. I’m only in the early chapters so once I’m done I will try to circle back with some thoughts about the book. Sheryl is known as a leading activist for gender equality in the workforce. As a young professional navigating the corporate ladder myself, I’m always keen to find female inspiration to help guide my way. I’ve been following Sheryl’s feed on social and a few months ago she shared this award-winning commercial for an India laundry detergent View this Post



‘I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.’

– Beyonce


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Fangirling with Sam Maggs

Sam Maggs

via Wordfest website.

Calgary’s Comic Expo is ready for its 11th year of action and there will be tons of amazing people and things to check out. One event that I think everyone should go to is the Expo’s collab with Wordfest featuring the ultimate lady nerd author, Sam Maggs. Her book, The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, is an amazing tutorial to help all girl geeks enjoy and experience geek culture.

I feel like this book was totally written for me! I’m a bit of a closet geek when it comes to nerdy things. I consider View this Post

Emilie-Claire Barlow reimagines jazz at its finest

Emilie-Claire Barlow

Getting an album made is an impressive feat for any musician. For Emilie-Claire Barlow, releasing her 11th jazz album should have been a piece of cake, right? The Canadian jazz vocalist has grown and refined her musical sound over the years, but the process for her latest album was a long one in the making. Four years in fact! The album was a truly international project with musical arrangements written in Mexico, the orchestra recorded in Amsterdam, Barlow’s band playing in Toronto and some of the final vocals recorded before a small audience in Montreal. The end result View this Post

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