DIY Stampede hangover kit

Items to include in your Stampede Hangover Kit.

The go-to essentials for surviving Stampede partying.

Setting up the best Stampede hangover kit

A good hangover kit will never get turned down and you especially need one during the Calgary Stampede. Stampede is one of the best times of year in Calgary! The food, the drinks, the shows, the rides, the music, and did I mention the booze?  10 days of non-stop partying does have some consequences – the inevitable aches and pains that come with all that fun. But you can recover from your hangover much easier if you prepare beforehand. Here is my list of must-have items View this Post

An Ode to the Calgary Stampede Mini Donuts

Deep fried mini donuts

I love these little deep fried delights known as the mini donut.

Best mini donuts in Calgary

Oh mini donuts, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

You are often imitated, but never duplicated. I ravenously covet the 10 days of the Calgary Stampede so I can make my way down to get my hands on your delicious scrumptiousness. As I wind my way through the Stampede grounds, I know not to get fooled by the other stands with their big buckets and other gimmicks. I only have eyes for “Those Little Donuts” as you stand out View this Post

Pedal Pub takes Calgary on a bike brewery tour like no other
Bringing beer lovers and cycling enthusiasts together

Pedal Pub group bicycle bar

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Pedal Pub beer bike!

Pedal Pub brewery tours are bringing the party to the Calgary streets! The new tour company is offering bike beer tours with a twist. The group bicycle bar is a “pedal powered patio” that’ll take you and your friends to all your favourite beer locations. Who doesn’t love that?

Unique group bicycle bar to ride on

The “Het Fietscafe” party bike aka beer bike aka group bicycle bar is a literal party on the street. These special group bicycle bars are designed and crafted in The Netherlands and View this Post

Pie Junkie bakery offers savoury and sweet options

Lime pie

Satisfy your sweet (and savoury) tooth at Pie Junkie

Pie Junkie bakery provides pies of all flavours

If you love a little savoury and you love a little sweet, then Pie Junkie is the right place for you! For long-time fans, Pie Junkie has been available to folks out in Spruce Cliff. They are now part of the Kensington neighborhood with their second location in Calgary. Now a whole new set of Calgarians can get introduced to their tasty pies (smart move!).

This second bakery shop is the perfect little hideout in the trendy Sunnyside area. It is just off View this Post

Simple Nutella Brownies recipe – 3 ingredients only!

Nutella Brownies

Simple brownies that are tasty and delicious

Brownies are always a fave, but Nutella brownies just take things to a whole new level. I’ve been on a bit of a role with my foodie posts lately, so I figured I’d keep up the trend with a look at another recipe.

Now, I’m not sure what it is about Nutella that makes people lose their minds. It even happens to me and I don’t understand it. There’s just something about this hazelnut spread that makes you both happy and satisfied. For the sweettooths, having an entire jar of chocolatey goodness on View this Post

Kananaskis Nordic Spa is great for a mountain escape

Kananaskis Nordic Spa pools

Say hello to the beautiful Kananaskis Nordic Spa.

You’ve probably never had a spa visit like the unique alpine experience being offered at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. Like any girl, I love to get pampered at the spa. There’s nothing like a little rest and relaxation to help you wind down from the daily grind of life, family, kids, work and more.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, just 45 minutes west of Calgary, the Kananaskis Nordic Spa is earning some rave reviews and for good reason. Focusing on a mix of hydrotherapy and massage, the spa offers large and inviting View this Post