Fresh Laundry brings loads of clean goodness to Inglewood

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

The first thing you will notice when you step inside Fresh Laundry is how amazing it smells. From the vibrant green moss on the wall to the soaps and linens on the shelves, this store just smells damn good. And as it should be since this new storefront is all about scents, lotions, soaps and more. Fresh Laundry comes from the brilliant sibling team of Lisa and Ian Davies. The duo (along with a third partner) are already well known for their sister store, The Uncommons, and have played a View this Post

Destination: Deerfoot City could be pretty amazing

Calgary is home to some pretty top-notch shopping but also some not-so-awesome retail centres too. For years, Deerfoot Mall has been sitting pretty vacant at it’s corner off the major thoroughfare and 64th Avenue NE. Heading to the ‘hood to pick up some outlet wares has not been on my priority list (and apparently not for most Calgarians too. But I gotta give props to Showhome Furniture for getting me up to Deerfoot Mall at all).

A recent announcement from Vancouver-based Shape Properties will see an entire revitalization and expansion of the site to become Destination: Deerfoot City. And View this Post

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