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Fresh Laundry brings loads of clean goodness to Inglewood

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.
Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

The first thing you will notice when you step inside Fresh Laundry is how amazing it smells. From the vibrant green moss on the wall to the soaps and linens on the shelves, this store just smells damn good. And as it should be since this new storefront is all about scents, lotions, soaps and more. Fresh Laundry comes from the brilliant sibling team of Lisa and Ian Davies. The duo (along with a third partner) are already well known for their sister store, The Uncommons, and have played a big part in the revitalization in local business along 9th Avenue.

The development of Fresh Laundry came about quickly for the Davies’ when they were approached by the landlords of the former Blue Hydrangea to fill the space. Having built a reputation for creating a strong, independent and community-oriented business with their first store, the Davies’ were the perfect fit to create another shop for Calgarians to enjoy. “We always knew that we wanted to expand and grow into a second store so it was great that someone came to get us started on this road,” explains co-owner Lisa.

Fresh Laundry soap

Fresh Laundry clean goods

Fresh Laundry is an entirely new concept for the team. The store is focusing on premium bath, laundry, and home products that are not only unique but also beautifully packaged and styled to fit into any room in your house. These aren’t your average drugstore cosmetics or grocery store detergent they have in mind. They are high-end, quality products designed to work well and be shown off in your home whether it’s a Japanese charcoal-infused toothbrush or an environmentally-friendly hand soap. No hiding in cabinets or drawers for these clean goods.

It was also important for the team to make sure the two stores were different from one another given their close proximity. “Fresh Laundry has a completely different look and feel, we wanted it to be very open, clean, and elegant. We’ve tried to bring in products like lotions and candles into the other store, but it was never the best fit. But now we’re able to fully curate a whole line of body products and linens that really work well together and create a great store concept,” says Lisa.

Inside Fresh Laundry Inglewood

The final touches are almost in place as more product lines arrive from Japan and Europe. Even though the store has just opened, plans are already underway to develop their own line of Fresh Laundry branded products and bringing in exclusive brands that you can’t get anywhere else in Alberta.

Fresh Laundry Co.
1216b 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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