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Surviving a Vancouver rainfall with Canada Goose

Canada Goose Timber Shell front Canada Goose Timber Shell back

Canada Goose is known as the premier winter brand for their ultra-warm and fashionable parkas and coats. But did you know that they make spring jackets as well? I sure didn’t until I got my Canada Goose Timber technical shell jacket (in the brilliant pink Torch in case you were wondering). It’s a super stylish coat. The cuffs are tapered and it has a longer back for cover. The zippers and seams are all waterproof with ventilation on the sides for when things get too humid. The hood on a jacket usually doesn’t fit me very well, but this one adjusts at the hood opening, horizontally and vertically! Total win for me. I had been looking for the perfect time to try out the shell and my Vancouver trip was just the ticket.

Rain and Vancouver are synonymous with one another. On my recent trip to the West Coast the weather forecast indicated a gloomy weekend ahead: 50 mm of rain every day. 50 mm! You don’t get those kinds of showers in Calgary so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I brought my Timber shell with me to Van city to see how it would hold up.

On one particularly rainy walk home from Granville Island I was absolutely pelted by the rain. I had given up on holding an umbrella as I had bought too much stuff to carry (hazard of all the cute shops at the market). So it was all on my Timber jacket to fight off the attacking rain and wind. Not surprisingly, the jacket held up amazingly well under the buckets of water that fell on it and kept my layers underneath warm and cozy. It’s rated up to minus 5 degrees C which is the ideal level to deal with the cold and clammy temperatures that comes with rain.

Enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms in YVR with my Timber shell on.
Enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms in YVR with my Timber shell on.

After four days, plenty of sushi and tons of walking around in the down pouring rain, my technical shell had kept my goose warm and dry as a delicious red wine. Next up for my Timber shell – a hike through K-country.  Stay tuned!

Look for these Canada Goose shells at BLU’S and Henry Singer locations in Calgary or see the full spring collection online.

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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