Painted wine glasses on table.
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Wine glass painting at Vin Gogh

Painted wine glasses on table.
Painting wine glasses at Vin Gogh Paint & Sip on Macleod Trail.

If you’re looking for a night of being social and getting creative, then Vin Gogh Paint and Sip is the place for you. “Paint nite” events are a popular activity for girls night out, date nights, private parties and so much more. While many painting pop-up events take place at various pubs and restaurants around town, Vin Gogh offers a dedicated one-stop shop devoted to all kinds of painting and beverage sipping.

The brightly lit store is decorated in a multitude of beautiful canvas examples that Vin Gogh offers classes and workshops for. No painting experience is required as their instructors will teach you all the steps along the way and provide all the equipment and supplies too. They also provide a delectable food menu so you can make it a full night out with dinner before the session begins. A glass of wine as you paint is sure to help drive the creativity or at least bring out the abstract quality of your art.

Vin Gogh studio
Inside the friendly studio space at Vin Gogh.

While Vin Gogh’s bread-and-butter is the traditional canvas painting classes, they also offer some other unique art options like pebble art, wooden sign painting, and wine glass painting. Having done a few canvas options before, I jumped at the chance to try something new and opted for the wine glass painting class! Now, this was a bit of a practical decision as I often drink wine at home and have broken a wine glass (or two or three). So I figured I could make it a twofer by getting to paint my wine glasses and drink from them too!

Each participant was provided with two wine glasses to design. A variety of templates and examples were available to look through for inspiration and imitation. I settled on a “dot” motif that would allow me a lot of flexibility in the design (a.k.a. if I messed up then no one would notice. ‘Why of course it was intentional!’).

Dotting away on my wine glass.

Painting on glass is kind of an odd thing and on a rounded surface was different too. The shop provided glass practice squares to try out different colors, textures and applications so I wouldn’t have to jump to the wine glass right away. After trying a few different methods with varied-sized paint brushes and dabbing with the ends of the brush, I ultimately found that the Q-tip was my go-to painting instrument.

The end result are two new wine glasses with what I like to call a ‘water bubble’ effect. I can’t wait to give these new glasses a try the next time I open up a bottle of wine.

Check out the Vin Gogh calendar to see all your painting options.

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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