3 reasons why you need a gallery wall in your home

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Make an impact in your home decor with a gallery wall.

Make an impact in your home decor with a gallery wall.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and the memories that come with them are priceless. I think that’s why I love taking pictures, sharing them online and preserving special moments of time. Finding a way to display all my pictures in my home was a tricky challenge to figure out – until the gallery wall came to mind. Here’s why this display model will bring style and “oomph” to your home:

  • A beautiful statement piece

If you want to make an impression in your home, a gallery wall does just that. Whether above the couch or from floor-to-ceiling, grouping your collection of photos makes a big impact. It gives your home a statement piece. You can’t look at a gallery wall in a quick glance to get all its nuances. A gallery wall gets the viewer to pay closer attention to the beauty on your wall.

  • A great way to share memories

Can’t decide on what pictures to hang? Don’t choose, just hang them all! A gallery wall will give you the chance to create a timeline of memories. If you love lots of pictures, then being able to put up many of them gives you plenty of options in your gallery wall.

  • Get creative!

Gallery walls are useful whether large or small.  It can be an effective use of limited wall space by putting lots of pictures close together. Alternatively a gallery wall is a great way to fill up wall space if you have a large room to work with. In addition to using photos, it’s a chance to mix in other art and creative elements. You can mix and match your layout to your heart’s content. You can use unique frames and different sizes of art. For my gallery wall I chose to use a mix of materials from canvas art, vintage license plates, typography prints as well as personal photos. It gave me the best of all worlds – a gallery wall that’s all my own.

Have I convinced you to make your own gallery wall? Stay tuned for another post on tips on how to build a gallery wall.

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