7 things you didn’t know about The Little Prince: The Musical

Welcome to the world of The Little Prince.
Welcome to the world of The Little Prince.

It isn’t often that a world premiere comes to town but Theatre Calgary has brought to life the wondrous joy of The Little Prince. The musical is a joint production with London’s Lamplighter Drama and runs until February 28. If you haven’t had a chance to see the musical yet, it’s a great time for the whole family, kids big and small. Here are 7 things about The Little Prince that may not have known.

  • The classic children’s story is the 4th most translated book in the world. It’s original language – French.
  • The story may be about a prince, but it’s a woman who leads the way. Sarah Caraher plays the titular character and uses her youthful charm as the young prince.


  • The musical is adapted by James D. Reid and Nicholas Lloyd Webber (yes, Andrew’s son!)
  • The book’s author Antoine de Saint-Exupery was an aviator who crashed his plane in the deserts of Libya in 1935. This experience became the basis of The Little Prince, a story of a pilot who crashes into the desert only to happen upon a young prince.


  • The snake costume is made of the same plastic as hockey arena boards – with the tail measuring 14 feet!
  • “A pilot crashing a plane in the desert is a metaphor for a man being broken, and he has to fix himself before he can fix his plane.” – James D. Reid
  • Over 30 artistic sheep were created for the show and allow the cast to dance with them around the stage.

Learn even more about The Little Prince with this great play guide from Theatre Calgary. Get to know the story, the characters, the songs, and other hands-on activities. Single tickets are on sale now on the Theatre Calgary website.


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