Calgary Adult Colouring Books by local artists

This ain't no kid's play! via Etsy
This ain’t no kid’s play! via Etsy

Adult colouring books are all the rage these days. I’ve been super intrigued by the trend of colouring in the lines again as they bring back nostalgia of my childhood days. I loved to color as a kid with my rainbow array of pencil crayons on hand. My niece still uses them to this day! But what does it mean to follow in the same activities as a 5-year-old?

Much in the way that comic books and other vestiges of youth have made it to mainstream culture, colouring books also fit into that realm. They allow grownups to enjoy these books in a whole new way, with fresh eyes and (hopefully) stronger colouring skills than when you were a child. They provide a simple, creative outlet for people to get “crafty” without having to know a technical skill like knitting or jewelry making. It can be a way to unwind and relax with a calming hobby. And ultimately, it’s just plain fun.

I have to admit that I do find adult colouring books to be a bit intimidating. The new illustrations are both beautiful and elaborate calling for a lot of attention to detail that a children’s version does not require. I will consider it a challenge to conquer all these lines and keep my colours in check.

If you’re looking to pick up some Calgary adult colouring books, here are a few options made by local artists.

Calgary adult colouring books 

yyc colors by Jessalyn Rohs

32 beautiful illustrations featuring many of Calgary’s faves from the Saddledome to Crave Cupcakes. 

Calgary adult colouring books

Give it Some Colour Calgary! by Sarah Wolfe

This is for the local lovers with colouring pages featuring Calgary gems like Peters’ Drive In and Mayor Nenshi. Find a copy at the Chapters on Macleod Trail or Etsy online.

Calgary adult colouring book
Wolfinmade via Etsy


Alice in the Womb by Shea Proulx

Perfect for new moms or mothers-to-be, this adult coloring book is an imaginative look at the how the baby grows from fetus to birth. Author Shea Proulx created these visions during her first pregnancy with her daughter Alice.

Calgary Adult Coloring Book - Alice in the Womb


Awakening by Crystal Salamon

Awaken your creative spirit and inner child with this gorgeous colouring book by Turner Valley artist Crystal Salamon. What I love about this colouring book is the idea of collaboration between the artist’s drawings and the “colorist” who fills it in. There’s even a spot to sign your signature at the bottom of each colouring page, just like an artist would. Nice. This book is available at Kensington Art Supply, Chapters on Macleod Trail, Who’s Who at the Zoo, Heritage Park, Owl’s Nest Books, Swinton’s Art Supply and online.

Awakening adult colouring book
Awakening via Crystal Salamon


A Cat’s World Colouring Book by Jenny Chan and Shiori Saito

We all know the Internet is ruled by cats so why not a colouring book? Pick up at the Uncommons in Inglewood or on Etsy.  UPDATE: Colouring book is currently not in print.

Cat adult colouring book
A Cat’s World via Etsy


Big Girl Coloring Book

Etsy Shop owner Renee of Anxiety Aids started making colouring books as a way to get herself organized and deal with her attention deficit disorder. The result is a beautiful mix of colouring pages that will make you pay attention! UPDATE: Book is currently not in stock.

Big Girl adult coloring book
Anxiety Aids via Etsy

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