Fun for the family at Y Stage Theatre Series

It’s never too early to give your kids a love for the arts. Vertigo Theatre is known for its classic murder-mystery plays but it also is home to great children’s programming with plays geared towards youth through its Y Stage Theatre Series. The series features five productions for children and youth either produced by Vertigo Theatre or on tour from companies across the country and beyond. With both school performances on weekdays and family shows on the weekend, over 10,000 kids across Calgary get to take part in the Y Stage fun every season.

Theatre is a great way to introduce young audiences to the arts. It helps encourage kids to learn new things, form thoughts and opinions and express creativity in a new art form. An appreciation of music, dance, and storytelling brings joy to young people that grows and lasts into adulthood.

With my five-year-old niece in hand, I had my first taste of the Y Stage experience at their latest show, The Old Man and the River. The Toronto-based production featured a four-person puppet show that told the entire tale without words. The show was a perfect fit for the young audience in hand as it shared important concepts of friendship, magic, nature and making connections. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as a 30-year-old! Both charming and cute, the production made use of simple interactions and motions to get the kids involved which I found helpful in following along with a story that had no words or speaking. Plus the free cookie and juice box at the end of the show leaves all big and little kids satisfied 🙂

The Y Stage Theatre Series is wrapping up their season with an installment of The Adventures of Robin Hood from internationally acclaimed theatre company Visible Fictions. Tickets are on sale now and the show offers a limited run from April 22-24, 2016.

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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