10 burgers to try during Alberta Burger Fest 2016

Grey Eagle Casino Alberta Burger Fest

104 restaurants. 10 days. All the beef patties you can stuff in your face. Welcome to Alberta Burger Fest 2016! The 4th annual festival will be kicking off this weekend starting May 6th running all the way through to May 15th. In the grand tradition of weeklong food battles, Calgary chefs are bringing out the big beef for their burger concoctions this week. You’ll find anything and everything topped on these hamburgers from tuna to French fries to fried onions. And let’s not forget the buns – sesame seeds, brioche-style, pretzel tops. The options are View this Post

Happy 30th Anniversary High Performance Rodeo!


Boom! High Performance Rodeo is off and running and is showing no signs of slowing down this 30th anniversary year. Calgary’s international festival of the arts is running until January 31st with over 140 performances taking place at 14 venues around View this Post

Christmas in Inglewood: Shop Local Gift Guide


Christmas is in the air and is waiting for you around the corner in Inglewood! Tons of my most favourite Calgary shops are located in and around 9th Avenue S.E. There are over 80 locally-owned shops in the area (holy moly!) which means tons of Christmas gifts and finds to be had for all your family and friends. The neighborhood is making it even easier to shop this holiday season with free hot chocolate, extended shop hours and free parking on Saturdays leading up to the holiday. I like to make a day of it when I stop by Inglewood: View this Post

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Illuminasia lights up the Calgary Zoo

Illuminasia Calgary Zoo rhino

Magnificent rhinos are just one of the highlights at the Illuminasia Lantern & Garden Festival at the Calgary Zoo.

When I first heard about a Chinese lantern festival coming to the Calgary Zoo, I imagined a string of paper lights hanging around the buildings lit up in decorative colors. Simple and pretty right? But the Illuminasia Lantern and Garden Festival is so much more! Touted as “an experience like no other” the lanterns are actually beautiful and intricately created pieces of art highlighting many of the zoo’s animals and showcasing other cultural icons that represent the China, Japan and India View this Post

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Shop the Willow Park Village Pop-Up Series

Bex Vintage will be bringing their old-school furnishings to Willow Park Village this fall.

Bex Vintage will be bringing their old-school furnishings to Willow Park Village this fall.

Living in southwest Calgary, one of my go-to places for shopping is Willow Park Village. This outdoor shopping plaza is home to some of my favourite local shops – you can pretty much get anything and everything in one go. This includes baked goods at Crave Cupcakes, dinner at Broken Plate, gourmet eats from Springbank Cheese, a relaxing massage from Skoah, insurance and tickets at AMA, flowers from Blooms and Butterflies, and a few bottles of vino from Willow Park Wines and Spirits (one View this Post

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Fresh Laundry brings loads of clean goodness to Inglewood

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

The first thing you will notice when you step inside Fresh Laundry is how amazing it smells. From the vibrant green moss on the wall to the soaps and linens on the shelves, this store just smells damn good. And as it should be since this new storefront is all about scents, lotions, soaps and more. Fresh Laundry comes from the brilliant sibling team of Lisa and Ian Davies. The duo (along with a third partner) are already well known for their sister store, The Uncommons, and have played a View this Post

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