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Welcome Skyline Luge Calgary (Custom)

I love playing tourist in my own city and as a hometown Calgary girl, I like to think that I am well-versed in all the cool and fun things to do around town. Color me surprised to find out about Skyline Luge Calgary, a city attraction at Canada Olympic Park that I hadn’t heard of before! On a beautiful, sunny Saturday I headed west out to COP to take the plunge on the downhill track.

So what is Skyline Luge exactly? Don’t confuse it with ziplining or luge on an ice track. It’s described as a “unique wheeled gravity ride” that lets you drive down a specially-designed course. Think of it as a fancier boxcar ride with a steering wheel and brakes – but no engine. Instead of the traditional ski hill, the COP slopes have been modified with a paved course made up of over 50 twists and turns that takes you over 1,800 metres down the hill making it the longest in the world!

Up the ski lift at Canada Olympic Park

Up the ski lift at Canada Olympic Park

To get to the top take a ride on the chairlift (gotta say, it’s weird to be on a ski lift when the grass is green). Once you get off, you will line up for a luge car, be given some quick and easy training on how to drive it and off you go! The steering wheel will let you turn maneuver the car as well as control the speed. Some people like to go slower, but why go slow when you can go FAST! It’s a total adrenaline rush down the hill and ended far too soon for my liking. A single ride is $15 but a 3-ride pass goes for a very affordable $23.

Riders header down the winding course.

Riders header down the winding course.

Skyline Luge Calgary (Custom)

We’re ready to get our luge on!

There's even obstacles to get past along the ride.

There’s even obstacles to get past along the ride.

The attraction is a great summer complement to the already many facilities in place at COP. It’s the perfect activity for families, birthday parties, and more. It’s fun to be a big kid at heart!

TIPS for Skyline Luge

  • Leave the backpacks and purses in your vehicle. We had a water bottle and a tiny messenger purse on us, but anything larger won’t really handle the ride well.
  • Sneakers are best, but sandals are ok!
  • Wear comfortable clothing – remember, it will be windy as you zip down the course!
  • You have to hang onto the steering wheel the entire ride, otherwise the wheels will lock as an emergency brake if you let go. Be prepared for your arms to get a workout.

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