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Christmas in Inglewood: Shop Local Gift Guide


Christmas is in the air and is waiting for you around the corner in Inglewood! Tons of my most favourite Calgary shops are located in and around 9th Avenue S.E. There are over 80 locally-owned shops in the area (holy moly!) which means tons of Christmas gifts and finds to be had for all your family and friends. The neighborhood is making it even easier to shop this holiday season with free hot chocolate, extended shop hours and free parking on Saturdays leading up to the holiday. I like to make a day of it when I stop by Inglewood: grab a coffee at Gravity Cafe, make my way down from Espy to Recordland to Fresh Laundry. Recharge with a nibble at Spolumbos, continue down to the Uncommons, grab some sweets at Choklat, make my way back around to North American and The Livery Shop then end the day with a pint at the Hose & Hound. Seriously, put some good shoes on and give it a try sometime.

The lovely team at Adorn Boutique have also put together the most amazing Inglewood gift guide showing off tons of great stuff available in the many shops of Inglewood. Check out the images below and visit the Adorn website for the full gift guide. Happy shopping Calgary!

Inglewood_2015_Christmas_Gift_Guide_Stocking-Stuffers Inglewood_2015_Christmas_Gift_Guide_Outdoorsy Inglewood_2015_Christmas_Gift_Guide_Cooking Inglewood_2015_Christmas_Gift_Guide_Kids Inglewood_2015_Christmas_Gift_Guide_Ladies

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