Finding community love with Local Laundry

Just a few of the t-shirts available from Local Laundry apparel.

Just a few of the t-shirts available from Local Laundry apparel.

I love things that depict my beloved hometown of Calgary because it embodies home and heritage for me (have you seen my gallery wall?). Being able to wear that love on your sleeve is even better and Calgarians can now do that with the fun and casual t-shirt styles at Local Laundry. I discovered these fab tees online and enjoy the yyc spirit they signify. Many of the shirts show off some of Calgary’s most popular neighborhoods and are a great way to show off some local View this Post

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Let’s go out and play Calgary

I took my niece and nephew to the park the other day, which is one of my fave things to do as Auntie Irene. They’re still in the under-5 age range where the park is really shiny and new to them. It makes it a cool experience to see them discover all the different pieces of equipment and laugh and play like kids are supposed to do. I don’t know how long this sign View this Post

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Meet the new Calgary Public Library

You’ve probably noticed that the Calgary Public Library has changed! A new look and a new feel to go with the new role of a library. I’m really excited for how the New Central Library will change the landscape downtown and filter to all the other branches around the city.  Calgarians love their library and with free memberships, that means a whole lot more people will get to experience the fun. Check out this cute video from the CPL and if you haven’t already, go pick up your free library card.

Remembering my mom this Mother’s Day

Momma. #rip #momsareprecious

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This Mother’s Day will be my first one without my mom here to share and celebrate it with. I have an immense swirl of emotions around this as I go from highs to lows. I am sad that she is no longer here to enjoy this day with her family. I get anxious at the constant bombardment of Mother’s Day messages that gets thrown at me from the coffee shop to the grocery store. I get nostalgic when I think of how happy View this Post

Let’s Vote (young) Alberta!

Vote Alberta

I took to the advance polls earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised at the continuous hustle and hum going on at the election office. There was a steady flow of people coming in and out to place their advance ballots. But what wasn’t surprising was the demographics of the voters – definitely skewing 50+. Ever since I turned 18 and able to vote, I have consistently been the youngest person at the polling station. And it’s not because I look like I’m 12. I literally am the only person under 30 to show up and vote. Now why View this Post

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