Getting Organized: Hook me up

Ignore my messy room in the reflection :P
Ignore my messy room in the reflection 😛

Making the most of the space I have in my apartment is of utmost importance. I tend to be a packrat and have a lot of clutter. Mail and flyers build up on the table, dirty clothes on the floor and so on. But I like my clutter to be organized. Odd, I know, but there is a method to my madness. I really do know where everything is because it’s organized chaos.

So I became inspired to do something with my stand-up mirror when I came across this Ikea mirror online. The Knapper standing mirror cleverly hides clothes behind the frame – offering storage in a space that is already being used.

I took a look at my own mirror and started to think of my own DIY options.

The mirror I have was a bargain find at Zellers back in the day. It stands up well enough, but isn’t particularly strong or super sturdy. With the short tilt in the supporting legs, I figured the clothing rail was probably a no-go, but adding hooks was definitely doable.

Left: A pack of 3M hooks. Right: Marking spots.  Top: Wait and dry.
Left: A pack of 3M hooks. Right: Marking spots.
Top: Wait and dry.

The best option to use for adding hooks to any surface are the Command 3M products. I freakin’ love this stuff. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes for all sorts of hanging needs. The 3M tape holds up super well and is also easy to take down. So if you mess up or get sick of your set-up, it’s an easy pull to take down the item.

In this case, I decided on some smaller metal hooks that could hold up to 0.5 lbs. After measuring the width of the mirror, I used Post-It flags rather than a marker to denote where I wanted each hook to go. And then it was as easy as peel-and-stick to affix the hooks right to the back of the mirror. After an hour wait time to let the sticky backs settle, I was able to hang all types of accessories off of the hooks.

Voila, extra storage without taking up any extra space, all for the cost of $9.99. Plus I still have lots more hooks that I can use for other projects around the house too.


How do you like to get organized in your space? Send me a tweet @heyseto or comment below.


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