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Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips with Papyrus

Papyrus holiday Christmas gift wrap (Custom)
Beautiful Papyrus gift wrapping goodies – keep on reading and these babies may just become yours!

I always find shopping for Christmas presents to be such fun, but gift wrapping to be such a chore!  It’s probably because I never have the right supplies and I get a little too impatient with all the taping, folding and cutting. That’s where the lovely folks at Papyrus come in with some handy gift wrapping hacks to help you get your presents under control. This shop is one of my favourite places to pick up paper craft supplies with their endless bounty of beautiful cards, ribbons, and paper. In order to keep these pretty papers looking great, try out some of these tips below.

Hack #1: Reduce, reuse and recycle old gift wrap.

If you’re like me, you always carefully save your wrapping paper year after year. Run your old gift wrap through a paper shredder and use the strips as gift lining for your presents.

Hack #2: Master the art of double-sided tape.

Instead of taping over the wrapping paper (making the tape visible), place the tape underneath the wrapping paper, making the tape invisible instead!

Hack #3: Set up a gift-wrapping workspace.

Your workspace is half the battle – use a flat, hard surface when wrapping to easily achieve clean, sharp folds. Note to self: stop sitting on the floor to wrap your presents (oops).

Hack #4: Make a matching bow

Follow this gorgeous yet simple technique using strips of gift wrap.

  •       Take a strip of wrapping paper.
  •       Cut slits in the paper, leaving about an inch of paper across the bottom.
  •       Use scissors to curl the slits.
  •       Use the uncut, one-inch portion of the wrapping paper to secure bow to top of gift (tape it down). Voila, a beautiful bow that matches your gift wrap.

Papyrus gift wrap bow 2


Hack #5: Wrap it up like the Japanese!

This technique involves a diagonal folding approach. Watch the video below and you will be folding so fast that all those gifts will be wrapped in no time at all.

Alright, you got all that? Now to get you into the festive spirit, my awesome friends at Papyrus want to give one lucky reader a beautiful gift wrapping packaging that includes:

  1. Holiday Text on Red Roll Wrap
  2. Modern Berries Roll Wrap
  3. Holly Berry Garland Gift Labels
  4. Gold Glitter Wired Ribbon
  5. Cranberry Shimmer Ribbon

To enter the contest, answer the trivia question below and you can share and like on social for bonus entries! Please note the winner must be able to pick up in the Calgary area. Good luck!


Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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