Life Up High on the 39th floor of the Guardian Towers

Last Updated on April 16, 2017 by Irene Seto

Calgary Tower Guardian Towers

Brilliant views of downtown Calgary from the Guardian Towers.

Calgary has some amazing views of the rivers, the mountains, the cityscape and more. Finding those sights and scenery in the city is as simple as getting as high as you possibly can. In this case, the sub-penthouse floor in Calgary’s tallest residential building, the Guardian Towers.

Way up on the 39th floor you will find amazing downtown views from all angles – from the Saddledome to the Calgary Tower all the way out to the Rocky Mountains. For a cool $2.4 million, you too can enjoy this spectacular sight. But, if you’re still pinching your pennies (we all gotta have #lifegoals, right?), then enjoy this sneak preview of the Guardian’s Paramount Suites with some luxurious interior design from the talented Amanda Hamilton.

Cloudy Calgary Guardian Towers

Clouds obscure the sunset, but it still makes for a lovely view.

Bathroom Guardian Towers

Imagine soaking in this bathtub every night. Don’t worry, there are privacy screens that come down so you don’t need to share the experience with all your neighbors.

Living room coffee table Guardian Towers

Sit down for a while.

Drink cart Guardian Calgary

Grab a drink or two.

So much to see!

Glass building Guardian Towers

Semi-building shot.

Calgary cityscape Guardian Towers

Another view of downtown Calgary

Dream closet Guardian Towers

My dream closet.

Lounge Guardian Towers

Let’s just lounge for a while.

Bedroom Guardian Towers

Or just lie down completely.

Hey Calgary hey!

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