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Living in a social media world has opened up my life into some great relationships and experiences. A couple of cool opportunities have come my way that I will be taking part in this October. Squee!


First up is the Next Big Thing, a “conference-like experience for creative people.” My lovely friends Kait Kucy and Mike Morrison have put together this one-day event for the innovative and imaginative folks out there that need a little help and View this Post

Find your way at Clear Float Spa

Enjoy a float at Clear Float Spa.

Enjoy a float at Clear Float Spa.

Don’t you wish you could just float away from all the distractions and stresses in life? You can do just that at the beautiful Clear Float Spa in Mission. I’m always game to try out new experiences, but I have to admit that the idea of floating seemed a little out of my comfort zone.

Floating science has been around since the 1950’s but float spas have only recently hit the mainstream here in Calgary in the last couple of years.  I decided to give it a go mainly as way to get View this Post

#SharetheLoad in Laundry and Life

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I’m in the middle of reading Sheryl Sandberg’s corporate gamechanger, “Lean In” about women, work, and leadership. I’m only in the early chapters so once I’m done I will try to circle back with some thoughts about the book. Sheryl is known as a leading activist for gender equality in the workforce. As a young professional navigating the corporate ladder myself, I’m always keen to find female inspiration to help guide my way. I’ve been following Sheryl’s feed on social and a few months ago she shared this award-winning commercial for an India laundry detergent View this Post

Flare Sixty under 30

Flare Sixty Under 30

I was up late one night scrolling through my Twitter feed when I came across a tweet for a new lady hero of mine, Sam Maggs. It was a Flare Magazine profile on the geek culture author and her work to get more women involved in nerdy enterprises. Her feature was just one of sixty profiles of awesome ladies, doing awesome things in their respective fields of expertise. I found myself staying up far too late to read all about these amazing women and their passions.

It can often be difficult to not compare yourself to other people (Gah, View this Post

3 reasons terrariums are the best plants ever

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It may be cold and gloomy outside, but it’s always green inside these beautiful moss terrariums. Glass terrarium plants have been around since their kitschy heydays in the 70’s. But these tiny plants have been making a comeback the last few years as do-it-yourself design trends have popularized the terrarium once again. I myself own a few terrariums that I have made for both home and the office. They always bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. I fret over them like they’re View this Post

Moving beyond New Year’s Resolutions in 2016


New year's resolutions

In a new year, there’s a lot of talk about new beginnings, making goals, and setting up resolutions. It sounds like such a good idea every January. But it all becomes such a dreaded task every year to try to improve yourself! But why should it be a chore to learn, grow and try new things?

I’m looking forward to making the most of my 2016 by living life with intention, letting myself make mistakes, and getting out of my comfort zone. It may sound like resolutions but the difference is that this is about making choices that will View this Post

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