Boom Lake Hike in Banff National Park
This easy hike is a quick day trip that brings lovely mountain views

Out at Boom Lake in Banff National Park.

Out at Boom Lake in Banff National Park.

Experience the Boom Lake hike

Boom Lake is a lovely day trip from Calgary. I love to explore the Alberta wilderness but I am not the strongest of hikers. When an easy hike comes along, I jump at the chance to take part because it suits my physical strengths the best. This is just that hike as my family and I took to this trail on a beautiful summer day. This is a great hike to take when in a group of people with varying hiking skills.

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Insta-Ontario: Toronto, London, the beach and more

Crepe it up! Sweet and savoury. #breakfast #brunch #lunch #churchstreet #yyz #eggs #nutella #dessert #latergram

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Hello Calgary! I’m so happy to be back home after a week-long vacation to Ontario to visit the bf’s family and friends. We had an awesome time taking in all the sights and sounds at many locations around the city, countryside, lakes, beach and more. It’s amazing how much is packed into Southern Ontario and we saw a lot of it during our trip.

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DIY: Make your own Stampede hangover kit

Items to include in your Stampede Hangover Kit.

The go-to essentials for surviving Stampede partying.

Stampede is one of the best times of year in Calgary! The food, the drinks, the shows, the rides, the music, and did I mention the booze?  10 days of non-stop partying does have some consequences – the inevitable aches and pains that come with all that fun. But you can recover from your hangover much easier if you prepare beforehand. Here is my list of must-have items to make up your very own Stampede hangover cure kit:

During the Stampede fun:

  • Band-aids are a must-have for those dang blisters you’ll inevitably get
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Celebrating the #DirtyThirty, Las Vegas-style

Flying high in the sky and above the clouds. En route to Las Vegas!

Flying high in the sky and above the clouds. En route to Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? I hit a milestone birthday this year and decided to celebrate with a girls trip down to Sin City. We had a great weekend of shopping, eating, pooltime and a big dose of Britney Spears! There’s always so much to do in Vegas that the fun doesn’t end, day or night.


Getting closer to Vegas - the Nevada desert below.

Getting closer to Vegas – the Nevada desert below.


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JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

JOMO Joy of Missing Out

For a long time, I suffered from an affliction that we have all felt at one time or another: FOMO, the fear of missing out. You know that feeling of always wanting to be in the know, to join in on the fun, to just be invited to the party. It can mean a number of things from being absent at an event, not having the latest iPhone, or missing the latest episode of a TV show. Not being included means that you are missing out on something, right?

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Fresh Laundry brings loads of clean goodness to Inglewood

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

Visiting the new Fresh Laundry shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

The first thing you will notice when you step inside Fresh Laundry is how amazing it smells. From the vibrant green moss on the wall to the soaps and linens on the shelves, this store just smells damn good. And as it should be since this new storefront is all about scents, lotions, soaps and more. Fresh Laundry comes from the brilliant sibling team of Lisa and Ian Davies. The duo (along with a third partner) are already well known for their sister store, The Uncommons, and have played a View this Post

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