Why a thank you card goes a long way

Last Updated on December 4, 2015 by Irene Seto

I love writing and receiving thank you cards.

I love writing and receiving thank you cards.

The art of writing seems to be a dying craft as we continue to move further and further into a digital world of emails, text messages and the like. But I for one am a sucker for paper crafts and stationary. I love the smell of a new book when you first crack it open. And I especially enjoy a postcard or letter in the snail mail – way better than bills and always a nice surprise to open up. For someone who is constantly online, I still have a major jonesing for the printed word.

One form of handwriting that I especially find valuable is the thank you card. I interact with a lot of people – colleagues, friends, family – who help me out with a variety of activities on a daily basis. Showing gratitude through a verbal thank you or email are great ways to say thanks. But for the times where someone has gone the extra mile for you? Putting the time and effort into a handwritten thank you card will show that you appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness. The thank you card is my favourite, no matter the occasion. It makes me feel good when writing them and know that I can share that feeling with my intended recipient too.

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, a thank you card will go a long way to help:

  • Grow and sustain successful relationships with the people in your life.
  • Express sincere thanks for kindness, favors, donations, and specific actions you find admirable.
  • It’s just plain good manners to follow up a kind action with a special handwritten thank you message on a card or beautiful stationery.
A very memorable message my boss wrote to me.

A very memorable message my boss wrote to me.

Thank you – two very simple words that convey a lot of meaning. What’s the most memorable thank you that you’ve received? Tweet me at @heyseto or comment below.


  1. Jennifer B - December 4, 2015

    Totally agree about the thank you note! You actually sent me one a while ago and it absolutely made my day. Really enjoy reading your posts.

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