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Skip the Dishes and Treat Yo’ Self + Contest!

Skip the Dishes order
Order from Skip the Dishes so you can just eat, eat, eat!

Life can get pretty busy – work, school, sleep, fitness, eat, and repeat.  So sometimes it’s nice to just treat yo’ self and order takeout rather than cook the non-existent things in your fridge. Skip the Dishes does just that by letting you order your favourite foods from the local restaurants you love. When faced with the prospect of only microwave popcorn and celery in my kitchen, I decided to turn to Skip the Dishes to order in my preferred sushi rolls from the always tasty Goro and Gun.

Skip the Dishes is a delivery service that brings restaurants and customers together in one place. Restaurants who normally don’t have their own courier are able to utilize Skip for delivery and customers get tons more restaurant options to choose from with affordable delivery fees to order from all over the city.

Both the Skip the Dishes app and online website are super easy to use. With over 500 Calgary restaurants to choose from, there is something for everyone’s tastebuds. From the comfort of my couch, I was able to peruse the entire Goro and Gun menu, make my selections and pay for everything online.

Skip the Dishes delivery map tracking
Hold off the hanger! Food is on its way.

Tracking your order








After your order is placed, you can watch it all go down live with Skip’s delivery tracking. The system updates your order status regular to show you how long it will take to arrive to your doorstep.

Sushi takeout at home
Ok, so I made one dish dirty, but it was well worth it 🙂

Skip the Dishes promo code

That’s it! Order, wait, and eat. Interested in trying it out for yourself Calgary?

Save 10% off your next order with the Skip the Dishes coupon promo code: BLOG102b55

You can also use my personal Skip the Dishes link to save $7 off your first order  of $15 – click here to get started (and I’ll earn $7 too – win/win!)

Plus the folks at Skip really want to reward one lucky reader with a $50 voucher. Answer the trivia question below and follow on social media for bonus entries. Contest is open to all residents of Canada. Good luck!


Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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