Make your mark on the New Central Library

Windows of Opportunity at the new Calgary Library.
Rendering of the window messages at the new Calgary Library.

Want to be a part of the New Central Library? Now you can with the Windows of Opportunity campaign!

The Calgary Public Library’s brand new home at the New Central Library will be one of Calgary’s brightest and interesting community landmarks. The East Village building is on track to be completed next Fall 2018. As part of the finishing touches on the building, donors can leave their mark with their own personal engraving in the windows of the new library. Share your family name, your favourite quote, saying or other personalized message. All recognition (names and/or phrases) will be installed on the mullion (frame) of the window.

Windows of Opportunity options

There are three different Windows of Opportunity donation options ranging from $100 to $5,000. The Group windows will be located on the main floor of the library, while the Personal and Generational Windows will be on the upper floors. For the larger donation windows, you can choose to split the cost with others and the library can set up a special donation link so each member still receives a tax receipt. Your personal message is limited (way less characters than even a tweet!) so you’ll have to get creative with what you want to say.

Options for the Window of Opportunity campaign.

I’m so excited that the New Central Library is offering this opportunity up! I signed up right away and made another donation in the names of my niece and nephew too. I was far too little when the Olympic Plaza bricks were laid down, but I’ve always loved seeing all the names when I walk through the area. I’m glad for the chance to take part in something similar and support an organization like the Calgary Public Library at the same time. My affinity for books has been a lifelong love affair and the library has played a major role in educating and shaping my life.

UPDATE: When the New Central Library is completed, the library will keep a master inventory of all the names/messages and will encourage donors to find their special mementos on the windows. will notify all donors of where their inscription is. I’m thinking I might make it a scavenger and try to find my name with my little niblings if we can.

Get donating to the Calgary Public Library

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this one-of-a-kind occasion. This would make a great Christmas present for the book lovers in your life. Learn more about the Windows of Opportunity at


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