3 crazy Stampede foods to try… if you dare

Every year the Calgary Stampede comes up with crazier, wilder and more outrageous eats on the midway.  Do you dare to test your taste buds with these crazy Stampede foods?


Kangaroo pizza

This ain’t no regular pizza pie! Local food truck Avatara Pizza always makes great eats so it’s not a surprise that this kangaroo pizza hits the spot. It’s topped with kangaroo sausage along with banana peppers and basil. The kangaroo meat makes for a moderate alternative from the traditional pepperoni – especially if you like a more ‘game-y” flavour.

Kangaroo pizza from Avatara.


Cricket grilled cheese

Put bugs and cheese together and what do you get? The Cricket Grilled Cheese from the Melt Town grilled cheese truck (look for the yellow truck that says ‘Poutine and Grilled Cheese’ on the sign). The crickets are crunchy and melted into the sandwich and liberally sprinkled on top of the grilled cheese sandwich.


Crickets with your grilled cheese. Crunch crunch.


Testicles as a sweet treat.

Balls on balls

Do you have the balls to eat these balls? This sweet and savoury dish from the Bear Balls food truck pairs good ol’ prairie oysters (aka cow testicles) with mini doughnut balls. It’s then drizzled with house-prepared blueberry compote and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed nuts. Enjoy!

Check out the Calgary Stampede website for more midway food options.

Irene Seto is a Calgary lifestyle influencer supporting local from all angles.

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