Cubicle decor: chic tips for decorating your desk
Cheap and professional ways to decorate your cubicle at work

Working in a cubicle can still be chic and professional.

How to decorate your office or cubicle at work

Cubicle decor is dull no more! For a lot of us, living the cubicle life is just a part of our everyday experience. It’s a part of mine and I often find myself feeling a bit like a Dilbert comic strip in my confined square office space. Being in such a grey, drab environment is not how I prefer to spend 8 hours of my day so I have taken it about myself to turn my work space into my home View this Post

3 reasons why you need a gallery wall in your home

Make an impact in your home decor with a gallery wall.

Make an impact in your home decor with a gallery wall.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and the memories that come with them are priceless. I think that’s why I love taking pictures, sharing them online and preserving special moments of time. Finding a way to display all my pictures in my home was a tricky challenge to figure out – until the gallery wall came to mind. Here’s why this display model will bring style and “oomph” to your home:

Why you need a gallery wall
#1: A beautiful statement piece

If you want to make an impression View this Post

Getting Organized: Hook me up

Ignore my messy room in the reflection :P

Ignore my messy room in the reflection 😛

Making the most of the space I have in my apartment is of utmost importance. I tend to be a packrat and have a lot of clutter. Mail and flyers build up on the table, dirty clothes on the floor and so on. But I like my clutter to be organized. Odd, I know, but there is a method to my madness. I really do know where everything is because it’s organized chaos.

So I became inspired to do something with my stand-up mirror when I came across this Ikea mirror View this Post

Sew many buttons

So sew many buttons

Being a clothes hound comes with a lot of tiny accessories – all those little extra buttons that come with every blouse, sweater and jacket. I have saved all of these round enclosures for years now – and no idea of what to do with them. Let the Pinterest brainstorming begin! If you see any fun button ideas, let me know @heyseto or comment below.

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