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We all dream of having an HGTV-worthy kitchen or a Martha Stewart-inspired office but while our imaginations might be expansive, our wallets may not be. Enter Palette Archives, an online interior design service from Calgary designer Amanda Hamilton. Touting “palettes for the people,” the new ecommerce platform is providing accessible and cost effective design options for those who aren’t able to afford a professional interior designer.

So how does it work? Palette Archives puts together a wide variety of themed palettes to fit the décor style you are seeking. Inside each box, you will find physical samples for the finishes and materials to make your renovation come to life: everything from hardwood flooring, carpet, cabinets, wall and floor tile, backsplash, paint, wallpaper and more. Specs are provided for each item and customers can order materials directly from the PA website for additional savings. Options to include specifications for plumbing, lighting, hardware and bathroom accessories will also be added in the coming weeks.

It might seem counterintuitive for a design consultant to create a service that makes her role negligible, but that isn’t how Amanda sees it. Being an advocate for design education means sharing great design advice however she sees fit. As Amanda and her team isn’t able to take on every single client that comes her way, Palette Archives allows her still be able to provide design advice through pre-curated themes and give consumers access to design options from the comfort of their own home.

There over 35 palettes available to help you get started on your décor inspiration with boxes starting at $449 CAD.  You could end up browsing the website for a while as you swoon over all the amazing decorating options, so here’s a look at a few of my favourite palette themes.

Hotel Lux – Dawn


Moroccan Medina – Bright


Pablo’s Palette


Scandinavian Country – Light


Santa Fe

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