10 burgers to try during Alberta Burger Fest 2016

Grey Eagle Casino Alberta Burger Fest

104 restaurants. 10 days. All the beef patties you can stuff in your face. Welcome to Alberta Burger Fest 2016! The 4th annual festival will be kicking off this weekend starting May 6th running all the way through to May 15th. In the grand tradition of weeklong food battles, Calgary chefs are bringing out the big beef for their burger concoctions this week. You’ll find anything and everything topped on these hamburgers from tuna to French fries to fried onions. And let’s not forget the buns – sesame seeds, brioche-style, pretzel tops. The options are View this Post

Take a visit to Ten Foot Henry

A rich and creamy spaghetti is just one of the tasty dishes at Ten Foot Henry.

A rich and creamy spaghetti is just one of the tasty dishes at Ten Foot Henry.

From the outside, Ten Foot Henry is a simple storefront with a shingle of a cartoon boy’s head. On the inside is a beautifully decorated space with wood beams, gorgeous green plants and bright finishings. The newly-opened restaurant is the latest addition to 1st Street SW and brings a delicious mix of dishes to the ‘hood. Avenue Magazine has a great feature about how the restaurant came to be and the origin of the unusual name so I won’t get too much into View this Post

Improv at the Workshop Kitchen + Culture

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The restaurant space in Theatre Junction has changed over many times over the years, but Workshop Kitchen + Culture is looking to make it stick. The location is an anomaly as it isn’t a standalone spot – the restaurant sits in the atrium area before the theatre entrance.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that has showed up for an arts show and not realized I was loitering around in a restaurant, not the lobby. What seems to make Workshop a better fit this time View this Post

Reinventing the Caesar at Klein/Harris

Calgary is the birthplace to many famous figures from singer Jann Arden to wrestler Bret Hart to actress Elisha Cuthbert. But the one of the most popular Calgary claim-to-fames is probably the beloved Caesar cocktail. Believed to have been created by bartender Walter Chell in 1969, the spicy drink is known for its blend of vodka, Clamato, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce (give-or-take a celery stalk or asparagus stem). What’s known as the traditional Caesar has been turned upside-down at the newly-minted KLEIN/HARRIS. View this Post

Calgary Brewery Tours brings cheers for beer lovers

Craft Calgary Brewery Tours

Calgary’s love affair with suds and brews can be seen far and wide with the endless number of beer halls, restaurants and local breweries that have been bubbling up in our city’s beer scene. Drinking local has never been so much fun – that is until you take part in one of the Calgary Brewery Tours.

This new local and tourist attraction is exactly as it sounds – a tour of Calgary breweries with many sips to be had with other like-minded fellows. I took part in a condensed preview version of the tour to see exactly what it’s View this Post

Broccoli cheddar quinoa bites

I’m writing this blog as I’m watching the season premiere of Masterchef Canada on my PVR. The show reminds me of the great home cooking I have been doing lately (if not exactly Masterchef worthy lol) and I’m excited to share with y’all. One of my life resolutions this year is to try out new foods and recipes. I’ve been finding my cooking inspiration View this Post