Weekend Brunch at Notable

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I’m a big fan of eating breakfast at any time of the day. This is probably why I love brunchtime as it gives me a giant window in which to eat all my favourite breakfast foods (not that the evening hours are much of a deterrent). Like many Calgarians, flocking to my local brunch hangout is a weekend must – but the lineups are a super drag. The bf and I have been exploring non-traditional brunch restaurants to get our morning fix while avoiding the crowds of the popular brunch spots.

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Cooking ancient grains with Chef Lynn Crawford

Earlier this year, I had the chance take part in a cooking demo with Canadian celebrity Chef Lynn Crawfood. It was a hoot and a half with the outspoken and sassy cook.

Earlier this year, I had the chance take part in a cooking demo with Canadian celebrity Chef Lynn Crawfood. It was a hoot and a half with the outspoken and sassy cook.

I’m a total keener when it comes to trying out new foods and experimenting with new recipes. In my quest to broaden my culinary palette, it also means testing out different and unusual ingredients that I may have never heard of before. Finding healthy and nutritious options is a priority for me, so I jumped at the chance to take part in a cooking demo with the Food View this Post

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Goro + Gun introduces the Yuzu Wit

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Pair a craft beer with handcrafted ramen and what do you get? The delicious Yuzu Wit beer at Goro + Gun. Executive Chef Tomo Mitsuno partnered with Big Rock Brewery to come up with a specialty brew based around this uncommon fruit. Yuzu is an Asian fruit that is a hybrid of mandarin and papeda citruses. Using the yuzu zest with orange peel, Big Rock and Chef Tomo worked at the brewery’s nano brewing room to play around with the flavours to get the right View this Post

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Chef Brian Skinner makes vegetarian food delicious

Chef Brian Skinner loves vegetables. It even says so in his Instagram bio. The acclaimed vegetarian chef is best known for his work at Vancouver’s Acorn restaurant and did the unexpected by winning gold at the 2013 B.C. Gold Medal Plates competition with a vegetarian dish. Since his departure from Acorn, he has taken on a few different pop-up gigs including a very different job working in the corporate test kitchen at Earls Restaurants.

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Chef Brian Skinner in Calgary to show off his latest culinary creations at the newly renovated Earls Willow Park location.

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5 ways to use leftover bread

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A while back, I watched a documentary all about food waste. It showcased the crazy amounts of food that gets thrown away regularly from the grocery store and in our homes. It really got me thinking about how I deal with the food in my own cupboards and fridge. Vegetables become moldy; yogurt goes expired. We’ve all been guilty of it – letting perfectly good food go to waste! But one of the handy tips this doc mentioned was to make use of the freezer to preserve and lengthen the lifespan of eats that may otherwise end up in View this Post

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Enjoy seasonal favourites at Good Earth

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The weather may be cooling down but that just means it’s time to turn up the temperature for some hearty comfort foods and seasonal flavours. Local coffeehouse Good Earth has been brewing tasty coffees and wholesome dishes in Calgary since 1991. I love a good coffee shop that offers great sips, lots of seating and an awesome community vibe. Good Earth has been doing “local” since before it was cool with an emphasis on being as environmentally responsible and sustainable as possible.

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